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How to Create an Apple Developer Account

Nowadays we use the phones for countless tasks. Gone are the times when we could only call and send messages. A glance at the history of the iPhone, which is about to turn 10 years old, shows that the evolution from the first to the seventh generation is very noticeable. It is clear that technologies have advanced a lot, but what would these devices be without applications ?

It is clear that apps are what give life to our terminals, which have made today the concept we have of the use of mobile devices is what it is. So the development of applications is fundamental to have better and better features and new possibilities. If you’re interested in this world, I’ll show you the steps to become a developer account for Apple devices .

How to Create an Apple Developer Account
How to Create an Apple Developer Account

To begin with, you must choose between applications developed for iPhone or Mac, because depending on what you decide to do, you will follow one or the other path when you start development. But whatever you choose, follow these steps:

1. Sign up for the Apple Developer Program.

2. On the upper right, click on Enroll .

3. On the next page is information on what data you need to provide depending on whether it is an individual or an organizational account. In either case, click on the button below Start Your Enrollment .

4. The login screen appears, enter your email and password and click on Sign In . If you do not have an ID, you must create one to continue, click on Create Apple ID .

5. You will be asked for some personal details to complete the registration, such as your place of residence for example. When you fill in the fields, a final page shows you the amount to pay for a developer membership: $99 per year . You also have the option to check the box for automatic renewal when the term ends.

Upon acceptance of the terms and confirmation of payment, you will receive an email from Apple containing the information relevant to your developer account.

The steps to follow are very simple, it only takes a few minutes, an Apple ID and some personal data. Well, you also need to have 99 dollars ready, about 89 euros . That’s the price Apple sets to take a bite out of the world’s most famous apple.

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