How to create an Apple account for the little ones

For those of you who already have a young child in the house, you are probably familiar with the moment when he starts messing around with your devices Apple . If that is the case, and you have left him an iOS device that we hardly use anymore, it is better that he has his own Apple account to avoid certain actions.

Apple has a pretty good and easy to configure system so that our devices that are passed to the little ones, are as safe as possible. Both for them and for ourselves.

How to create an Apple account for the little ones
How to create an Apple account for the little ones

By adding an account to our little one, we ensure that he will not be able to make purchases or read our messages, email or even restrict the hours of use (with iOS 12 ).

Create an Apple account for kids from iOS

It should be made clear that those over 13 years old can create their own Apple ID, while younger people will not be able to create one unless we give our consent. If we do so, these accounts will go directly to our group family , where the parents or guardians will be the administrators.

In order to create an account, we can do so from any Apple device, whether it is a Mac, iPad, iPod or iPhone. The procedure will be just as simple in any case. From iOS we will do it through Family, we can access from:

  • Adjustments
  • Click on our name
  • In Family
  • Add member
  • Create a child account

With iOS 12 directly click on Settings / iCloud / Family.

Once we have started to create the child’s account, we will follow the steps on screen . These steps will ask for the child’s date of birth, security questions, acceptance of terms of service and payment methods. In addition to creating the child’s account (@icloud), we will need to check the availability of the chosen user.

We end with the possibility of activating the application shopping in the App Store , iTunes or iBooks. This means that if the child wants to buy or download something, parents or guardians will have to authorize it through our devices.

Create an account from Mac

Here the procedure is similar, we simply have to follow the steps that will appear on the screen. To start doing this, we must follow these steps :

  • Click on the Apple logo from the desktop menu
  • System preferences
  • iCloud
  • Family Management
  • Click on “+”
  • Select “Create an Apple Ide”

From now on we will follow the steps similar to iOS, entering the date of birth, name, @iCloud user , payment method and confirming passwords and security questions.

Once we have everything set up, we can pass our iPad or iPhone to our little one so he can enjoy it without fear of making unwanted purchases or reading our messages.

Do you usually use your own account for the youngest in the house?

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