How to create alerts in Reminders when getting in or out of the car


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Reminders is one of those applications that often go unnoticed and don’t get enough recognition, but once you start using it you soon discover that you can’t live without it . This powerful tool triggers its potential even more by working with Siri’s famous “remind me that…”. Well, did you know that you can also set reminders when getting in or out of the car ?

How to create alerts in Reminders when getting in or out of the car
How to create alerts in Reminders when getting in or out of the car

It is a very simple but extremely useful way of not leaving anything in the inkwell and that will undoubtedly be very useful for the most absent-minded . There are many scenarios of use and now we will give you some examples, but the simplicity with which this type of reminder is activated is such that you will undoubtedly soon find your own.

The car, one more location to create warnings

The idea is simple: the system uses the car’s Bluetooth connection (or via CarPlay) to assume that it is one more location and as such, reminders can be set when switching on and off. To do this, we must obviously pair the iPhone with the car’s Bluetooth and from that moment on we can program the alerts.

These are the steps you will need to take to activate the alerts:

Create a conventional reminder and then press the icon ‘i’ that appears when you select the reminder. This will activate the options.

The next thing to do is to activate the option Warn me in a place , so that Reminders will suggest the favorite places, and also, as we will see, the car.

We select When getting into the car or When getting out of the car depending on how we want to set the alert. Basically, Reminders will activate the alert either if the iPhone has connected or disconnected to the car’s Bluetooth.

What kind of reminders can we use

The main advantage of this type of alert is the convenience and simplicity of configuration: there is no need to set dates or times, nor to locate a location with the map. Reminders will alert whenever the iPhone connects to the Bluetooth of a car (yes, any car, the alert does not discriminate against the connected device) making it a powerful tool for those of us who are clueless or the hustle and bustle of everyday life makes us forget.

In which situations can the car become a reference point for setting up an ad? The shopping list (or at least that product we always forget) would take up the bulk of the ads, but it can also be used after a long trip to make a call or send a message. The most forgetful can set up repetitive alerts, such as reminding us that the lights have gone out at home or that the keys and wallet are in our pocket.


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