How to copy with your iPod nano at exam time

Possibly one of the rarest functions that can be given to an iPod nano is as a copying tool for exams in which to keep all our notes and with which to go unnoticed. Here I will explain step by step how to pass all our notes to the sixth generation iPod nano and pass without haste the exams we face in school, high school or university.

Perhaps one of the functions I give most to my sixth generation iPod nano is as a clock . In fact, I can’t remember the last time I used it to listen to music. The reason is that my iPod nano has a lost quality in the last generation, the possibility to use it as a watch thanks to the straps that can be attached to it and thus turn it into a beautiful wristwatch.

How to copy with your iPod nano at exam time
How to copy with your iPod nano at exam time

We are in exam time , and especially at the university and for the most clever people copying is a basic task these days. I am not going to position myself either for or against this, everyone is aware of what they are doing ethically and morally. However, I’m going to show you all the juice that can be squeezed out of the sixth generation iPod nano in these cases. In order to copy successfully and not fail in the attempt we must follow the following steps:

  1. Having a 6th generation iPod nano with a bracelet to turn it into a watch is a must.
  2. Then we must convert all the notes we want to copy into images. If they are PDFs with Automator for example we can easily convert them into images. To make them look good they should be two images per sheet, since if we convert each sheet into an image it will look too small. If, on the other hand, we have notes in a notebook, we will only have to take a clear, quality photo.
  3. Once we have the images I recommend to organize them in folders, each folder a theme or a category for example. It is very important that in the exam we know where to find in our iPod each thing we are asked.
  4. When we have all the folders organized, we just need to sync iPod nano with the computer and copy all the folders with images to the iPod. Then we have to check that each folder has been converted to an album in the Photo app.
  5. We make sure we have battery power in the iPod and we lower the brightness to a minimum. We can go to the test now.
  6. In the examination we must try to be discreet and appear natural as much as possible. We can put the iPod on the table, after all no teacher will tell us anything for leaving the clock on the table. It is not advisable to keep it on your wrist, as you can tell that you are looking at it and fiddling with it if it is on your wrist, but not on the table. And if some examiner is more curious than usual and asks, we show him that “it’s just a watch”.
  7. I think it is quite clear how to copy, we open the application Photos and look for the content that interests us, also, by double clicking we can enlarge the image.

I hope that this will get more than one of you out of trouble and help you “in such difficult times”. Take advantage now, that teachers still don’t have this copying method in mind and it’s certainly one of the most subtle and simple ones that exist . Finally, I wish you all good luck and lots of encouragement to study, because even if you copy, the best way to pass is still to study.

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