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How to Control the Music on your Mac or PC

We’ve talked about some of the Watch’s main features, its new ways of communicating, the ability to pay with Apple Pay or health and fitness monitoring, among many others. However, today many users are unaware that the Apple Watch can also be used as a remote control to operate iTunes , for example, to control the music whether you have a Mac or a PC.

Also, don’t forget that you won’t have to wait long to see how the Watch functions expand . A few days ago we learned that the native applications for the Watch will be released in the WWDC15 that starts tomorrow.

How to Control the Music on your Mac or PC
How to Control the Music on your Mac or PC

Today we’re going to show you how you can use the Apple Watch to control the iTunes music library on your computer thanks to its remote control functions. Here we go!

The first step is to pair the Apple Watch with the iTunes library

Although at the moment the Apple Watch is not yet available in our country, it never hurts to get to know everything it has to offer . However, if the rumours are true, it is possible that during June Apple will launch a second phase of deployment of the smartwatch in more countries, including Spain.

If you’re a regular user of the iTunes music library on your Mac or PC and want to listen to music at home, the Apple Watch is a great companion. Pairing it with iTunes lets you control playback without touching your computer, as explained below .

The first thing you do is pair your Apple Watch with iTunes, which you’ll find is a snap. To do this, you need the iPhone you’re paired with and your computer to be connected to the same WiFi network .

You must then open the “Remote” application on your Apple Watch , which you can do using Siri or from the application launcher. The next thing to do is to click on the “Add device” option.

At this point, go to iTunes on your Mac or PC and click on the remote control option . After doing this the Apple Watch will display a 4-digit code that you must enter in iTunes, ready! Your Watch will now be paired with your iTunes music library.

Control iTunes music playback from the Watch

As our colleagues at Applesencia tell us, after pairing the Apple Watch with iTunes, you’re all set to start controlling the playback of music on your Mac or PC. To do this, in the Watch you’ll have a set of very basic controls that will allow you to play or pause songs, as well as move back and forth between your iTunes music library.

But it doesn’t stop there, as the Apple Watch also offers the ability to control the volume at which your Mac or PC music comes out . This can be done by using the touch buttons on the screen or by turning the Watch’s digital crown.

As you can see, the Apple Watch can be very useful for controlling iTunes music directly from the wrist without having to go to the computer to change the song, stop it or change its volume. Of course, it wouldn’t be bad if it had a few more functions, who knows if Apple will expand them in time.

Did you know that the Apple Watch could be used as a remote control, and that you could control the iTunes music on your Mac or PC with it?

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