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How to control the download and installation of new iOS versions in iOS 13.6

For some time now, some iPhone users have been asking to be able to control the download and installation of new versions of iOS . Apple has waited until the release of iOS 13.6 (and iPadOS 13.6) to add this feature so we can now choose what we want to do with them. This is a new setting for the user to make the decision about when to put them on their device.

Preventing iOS Updates from Downloading and Insisting on Your Installation

First and foremost, we will need to install iOS or iPadOS 13.6 on our device . As soon as we have it ready, we just need to follow these steps:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings ?
  • There we’ll find two options.
  • The first controls whether we want to download new iOS versions automatically.
  • The second one indicates if we want these updates to be installed at night.
How to control the download and installation of new iOS versions in iOS 13.6
How to control the download and installation of new iOS versions in iOS 13.6

In the latter case, the iPhone will send you a notification so you know it will be updated overnight. It needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi network and charging for this to work properly.

As these functions are intended, we have three options: automatic download and installation; automatic download and manual installation; disabled download . It is the automatic download function that determines whether we can use the second option or not, since the second option makes no sense without the first.

Back to iOS Manual Updates

With this update, users now have more control over the options when downloading and installing new versions of software. In the past, users could choose what to do with updates, but not with downloads . If we turn off all options, we can decide when and how to do it.

Being able to control when new software is downloaded can be useful for those with limited space on the device. Especially older iPhone or iPad models that have only 16GB or 32GB of storage . Now, the system will not fill a space that is highly sought after on these devices.

It is also an advantage for those users who do not want to update quickly and prefer to wait a few days. Or prefer not to do so for as long as possible , for whatever reason. However, withholding updates is a security risk.

At Apple, this is the COVID Radar app in iOS: the official contact-tracking app that respects privacy

At Apple we recommend to keep the devices with their software up to date . In addition to adding new features and fixing bugs, Apple fixes large and small security issues fairly quickly (and regularly). A fact that is increasingly relevant to the increasing pressure to “penetrate” the devices in the apple.

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