How to Control an iPad or iPhone with Head Shaking

New iOS 7 feature allows iPad or iPhone to be controlled with head movement

iOS 7 has been a major update to Apple’s operating system for mobile devices and tablets, but despite what many people think, this update has not only been at the user interface level .

For example, iOS 7 introduces some great new features in the accessibility settings, designed to allow people with disabilities to use their iPhone, iPad, iPad Air or Mini without any problems. Among these new adjustments, there is one that has especially caught our attention and strangely enough no one had paid much attention to this function .

How to Control an iPad or iPhone with Head Shaking
How to Control an iPad or iPhone with Head Shaking

It’s about nothing more and nothing less than being able to control the iOS device by some movements of our head , if, if… the head.

Controlling an iPad, iPad Air, Mini or iPhone with your head

In order to control the iPad or iPhone through the movements of our head we must follow these simple steps that we present to you below:

  1. We should go to Settings – General – Accessibility.
  2. Once there, we must enter the Buttons section, located at the bottom of the page.
  3. Once inside Buttons, we will have to press where it says Add Button and then we will select the option that says Camera.
  4. Once the option is selected, we must choose the movement of the head we want to make (to the left or to the right).
  5. Then, we must also choose the action to develop when we move our heads.

We can choose between various actions to perform with the movement of our head, among them we can find

  • Touch ID.
  • Open an application (your choice).
  • Click the Home button on the device.
  • Activate the Notification Center.
  • Siri launch.
  • Increase or decrease the volume of the speakers.

We have had the opportunity to test some of these functions and the truth is that works very well . In particular, we tried the option to move the head to the right so that the Siri voice assistant opens and everything went smoothly.

As you may have observed, if someone has already tried it, the adjustment works perfectly and for that it uses the front camera of our device , which is in charge of detecting our movements with the head to send the information to the system to carry out the configured action.

In addition, according to what the guys at iSpazio tell us, the iPhone or iPad will notify you immediately if you are too close to the device screen, so you will have to change your position for the setting to work properly.

What did you think of this new iOS 7 unveiled setting?

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