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How to Configure the Messaging Application on iPad, iPad Air and Mini

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The elegant iPad and iPhone instant messaging application iMessage is used daily by millions of users , on both iOS and Mac devices. The iMessage app will allow us to send text and picture messages between users who own an Apple device.

How to Configure the Messaging Application on iPad, iPad Air and Mini
How to Configure the Messaging Application on iPad, iPad Air and Mini

Sometimes it can be a bit tricky and confusing to set up the Messaging application and can even cause problems, especially if you have a new iOS device. To make sure you don’t have any problems with your iMessage app, we’ve put together a tutorial to help you set up the Messages app on the iPad.

iMessage is a great application, with a very nice interface and an ideal operation that will allow you to send messages to other users for free . Follow these simple steps to get iMessage up and running so you can send messages and pictures between iOS devices via WiFi or 3G.


If you have an Apple ID, go to the Settings app and look for the Messages section. Once there, activate the iMessage button , then you will be asked to enter your user ID and password.

Adding multiple accounts to Messages

After activating the message application, you will have the opportunity to add several accounts to Messages , in a very simple way. At the bottom of the Messages settings click on “Send and Receive” and enter your emails linked to your Apple account (iCloud,…etc). The Messages application will then check your emails and activate them.

Report reading

Another interesting option in iMessage is read notification. When we activate this option we will let the senders know if we have read their messages sent or not.

Blocking contacts

If someone is bothering you, or you just don’t like them, you can block them just like other instant messaging apps like Whatsapp or Line. To do this, from the Messages settings, go to the “Blocked contacts” option and then click on “Add new” and your contact list will appear where you can select who you want to block .

We hope you found this little tutorial helpful. If you didn’t know about this application yet, you should know that it is totally free and that it comes natively installed on all iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini models. And if you have an iOS device with Jailbreak and want to know more about iMessage don’t miss our list of the best tweaks for the Messages app.

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