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How to clean the cables of your Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac

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Magic Mouse y Trackpad

Tanto el Magic Mouse como el trackpad no tienen apenas lugares donde se pueda acumular suciedad , por lo que utilizar el paño de microfibra humedecido con limpiador de pantalla (o agua destilada) será suficiente como para que quede perfectamente limpio como el primer día.

How to clean the cables of your Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac
How to clean the cables of your Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac

Apple cables and accessories stand out for their beautiful appearance, so white, so beautiful, and so… prone to soiling and degradation , even without mistreating them. Even the iPhone looks different once you take it out of the box (although this also has a solution.

If you don’t clean them regularly, they’ll soon look dirty and worn. Would you like to know how to clean and make your Apple cables and peripherals look like new? Read on.

There are many people who want to clean their peripherals, but they don’t dare. Either because they don’t know how to do it or because they’re afraid they’ll end up breaking something. In this article we will give some small indications to make your cables look like new .

As we said, Apple accessories are usually white , so it is very easy to get them dirty before those of any other brand. For cleaning we will not use specific tools, in fact, it is very possible that we have at home what we need:

  • Alcohol wipes.
  • Microfiber cloths of different sizes.
  • Cotton canes.
  • Screen cleaner.
  • Blower (manual or spray)

Cleaning cables

Cleaning the cables is actually the easiest thing. That colour that ends up getting darker and looking more like smoke grey than matt white can be brought back to its original shade if we use alcohol wipes. The alcohol will take care of removing all the grease and dirt accumulated on them, thus giving our cables a second youth. All that remains is to know how to store them correctly.


Cleaning Apple’s scissor keyboards is not as simple as dismantling a mechanical keyboard. It is not recommended to remove the keys, otherwise you could damage the mechanism. Knowing that we cannot give you a “deep cleaning”, we have other options available to us. The first one is to follow the tutorial that Apple gives us in case any key is failing. The blower will also help us to remove any crumbs or dust that have got stuck in the mechanism.

But if we want to remove stains, we’ll have to use the cotton swabs here. They will serve to rub and remove the stains that remain on the keys . If the stains are not easily removed, you can wet the swab with some screen cleaning fluid.

To perform a general cleaning, we will take a microfiber cloth, moisten it with screen cleaning fluid and give it a few strokes, until it is completely clean. Cleaning in detail with the swab and generally with the cloth , our keyboard should be as good as new.

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By following these simple steps we’ll give our Macs and peripherals a new, rejuvenated look, without having to dismantle a single key.


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