How to Clean an iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 or 4s Properly

The use of the iPhone is almost constant in our daily life and unfortunately this takes its toll on keeping it perfectly clean and spotless . We use it in the car, while eating, while doing sports or lying in bed. And every time we do, we leave our fingerprints on the screen. Oh no!

Therefore, it is essential to take into account some aspects and methods of cleaning to be able to enjoy our smartphone like the first day.

iPhone Cleaning Basics

  • It is important to keep our iPhone regularly clean. Don’t wait until the dirt builds up or the screen is full of fingerprints, then it will be more difficult to clean it. Regular cleaning ensures that your device is as clean as it was on the first day.
  • Do not use any cleaning products. These are usually abrasive, and even though it may seem that you leave it spotless, you will be spoiling the device.
  • Apple always recommends the use of a soft, lint-free cloth. We may use a cloth like the one used to clean the glasses.
  • Whenever you are going to clean the device it is important to unplug all the cables and turn it off. If the terminal is connected we can damage it unintentionally when pressing the home button or if it is plugged into the mains we can damage it if it gets wet. For this reason it is essential to unplug all the cables and have the iPhone turned off.
  • In case of any liquid or product spillage that can cause stains, such as ink, dyes, make-up, dirt, food, oils and lotions, we must clean the gadget immediately.

Cleaning the iPhone screen

How to Clean an iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 or 4s Properly
How to Clean an iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 or 4s Properly

To clean the screen it is important not to use any abrasive liquids. The screen is covered by a layer that repels grease. Unfortunately, this layer will gradually lose its effectiveness, but the use of abrasive products can completely ruin it.

It is best to use a soft, lint-free cloth , a synthetic fibre cloth that can be moistened a little. It is very important not to wet it too much, and to be careful that no water or moisture enters the joints.

To clean the screen correctly, rub it with the cloth until the fingerprints disappear. We will rub in a soft and continuous way until they disappear.

Cleaning the SIM card

Following Apple’s advice to clean the dirt that can remain in the SIM card’s slots, we can use a little alcohol on the cloth and clean it carefully and gently. It is important to take special care that moisture does not enter the iPhone.

Cleaning the iPhone 5s Touch ID

The iPhone 5s incorporates a fingerprint reader to identify us. This is located on the Home button and we must be especially careful with it. In addition, a good cleaning will facilitate the proper functioning of it, eliminating certain errors. For this purpose Apple recommends the use of a soft, lint-free cloth with which to clean the Home button carefully.

By following these simple steps and tricks we will have our device as if it had just been taken out of the box . We will be able to maintain its shine and impeccable appearance if we follow the advice given by Apple.

What do you think of these tips for keeping your iPhone spotless? Tell us in the comments!

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