how to change your MacBook’s RAM

Vídeo: Instala nueva RAM en tu iMac CD o C2D.

The method I’ve already mentioned is the simplest thing there is . The tools needed are a coin (to take out the battery) and a screwdriver. I don’t understand much about it and I used two of the precision ones (the ones with the metal handle, one with a star and the other flat), although it seems that the best thing is to use a TORX size 9 screwdriver. I have already said that with a flat one and a star one I didn’t have any problem.

how to change your MacBook’s RAM
how to change your MacBook’s RAM

So if you see a need to update the innards of your MacBook, go for it because is no mystery . Note that the RAM must be 200-pin DDR2-667 MHz and logically for laptops (they are much smaller than desktop RAM). In addition, it is always advisable to install two modules, each with the same amount of RAM (for example, two modules of 1 GB each, same model and brand).

Also, very important : each laptop has its maximum amount of RAM, depending on the model and the hardware it mounts. Taking the information from this website you can easily see what is the maximum amount of RAM supported by your MacBook .

Finally, remember that some manufacturers claim to sell memory optimized for MacBook, although in general none should give problems and the differences would be negligible for most users.

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