How to change your Apple ID email address

iOS 10.3 nos traerá un nuevo panel para configurar nuestro Apple ID y gestionar el almacenamiento de iCloud

If you have an Apple device, you have to set it up with a company user account. What do you use to identify yourself to that Apple account? Well an email address , which can be one you have from before or the same address that the company offers you for free.

How to change your Apple ID email address
How to change your Apple ID email address

It is therefore essential that you always have access to that email account, whatever it is. If for some reason you have to leave it, you have to change the email account you use with your Apple ID . Doing this is much easier than you think, so let’s review how to get it and some issues to consider.

If you have generated an iCloud email account, you already have an alternative access

This is something that can save us in times of emergency. If by any chance you generated an email address when you opened your Apple ID, you can still log in with that email even if you have another email address as your identifier.

So, for example, if you sign in to Apple with a Gmail account but that account is locked, you can always sign in using the mail account. That’s why I recommend that you generate it, because even if you don’t use it or configure it is a good lifesaver .

It is more difficult to select mail than to change it

To identify yourself with a new email address on your Apple account you need to first add it. To do so, log in to this website and click on the first link called “Edit”, in the “Account” section:

Where it says “Apple ID”, look for the link “Edit Email” to enter a new email address. Make sure you can access it, because you’ll need to find an email with a code or link to confirm that the new email you enter is yours.

I insist: you don’t need to put your address there, because you can already identify with it as we said before. Have your email address as your main identifier.

Some recommendations we can give you regarding the email you use to identify yourself with Apple:

  • If you don’t have email, the simplest thing you can do is use the email from provided by Apple for free.
  • It is better not to use business mail (such as from your work), because its access depends on other people. That is: if the server ever fails, it won’t be up to you to fix it.
  • Do not use internet provider addresses. A very common case in Spain is to use Telefonica’s e-mails, with which there are always complications. The best thing is to use e-mails such as Gmail, Outlook… widely known services. An internet provider can change its brand, or you can unsubscribe due to any eventuality. Look for a more permanent address.
  • Do not use addresses with old domains. Mails like those of are already breeding mauves, inaccessible.
  • Do you use a address? No problem, replace with Problem solved.

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