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How to change the language of your HomePod

If you have recently purchased a HomePod or have never fully researched its features, you may be unaware of some settings such as changing the language. Communicating with this speaker in a known language is essential to put it to good use, as the voice is the main instrument with which we will be able to handle it. That’s why in this post we tell you how you can change the language of the HomePod.

Setting the language on the HomePod

The HomePod is usually set to the same language as the iPhone, even if it was purchased abroad. However, it may be that it is working in a language other than your own. Changing the language can also help you practice a new language you are learning, although you should know what commands are used in that language.

  1. Open the Home app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the device list.
  3. Click on the HomePod icon for a long time.
  4. Go to the Siri section and click on “Language” to choose another one.
How to change the language of your HomePod
How to change the language of your HomePod

Once you have done this, the HomePod will not only recognize the voice commands you give in that language, but will also communicate with you in it. However, you will have to wait for the changeover process to be completed, as the corresponding data pack will have to be downloaded and this could take a few minutes depending on your Internet connection.

This speaker is capable of recognizing almost any language in the world, although it cannot be said that it has all the languages that exist in the world. If you do not find the desired language in these settings it is because the device is not yet able to work in it, so you will have to wait for it to be translated. If your language is very common and you can’t find it, it may be a bug, so you’ll need to contact Apple to resolve it.

Is the language of the iPhone changed as well?

One of the doubts that arises when changing the language of the HomePod is whether the same thing will happen on the iPhone and the truth is that the settings are not changed because they are changed on the speaker. The iOS system differentiates between the two settings, so you can still use your iPhone in the same language you had even if it is not the same as the one on your HomePod.

If you also want to change the language of your iPhone, you can do so from Settings> General> Language and region . In this section you have to click on “iPhone Language” , without having to change the region. This will also change the language of your mobile phone and, once again, the speaker settings will remain unchanged.

So now you know a new way to change your HomePod settings to your liking. Remember that from this same application available on the iPhone you can manage other settings for your speaker, being able to personalize it even more and make it work completely to your liking.

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