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How to Change the Language of Siri on iPad, iPad Air or Mini

Find out how to change the language of Siri on your iPad in a few simple steps

Siri is one of the functions you can get the most out of if you know how to use it correctly. The Apple Virtual Assistant has been around for several years now and is capable of more and more tasks. Moreover, at the same time as it has been adding new features, it has also been adding languages so that they can be used by more users .

We Spanish speakers have been able to use Siri in our language for two years now and during this time we have been able to see how the Apple assistant is becoming more and more useful and efficient depending on the task. That’s why having the assistant correctly configured in our language is essential , so that’s what today’s tutorial will be about.

How to change the language of Siri

How to Change the Language of Siri on iPad, iPad Air or Mini
How to Change the Language of Siri on iPad, iPad Air or Mini

1.- As always, the first thing to do is to go to Settings – General – Siri .

Here we must activate the switch of Siri in case we haven’t done it.

3.- Now we need to click on the “language” tab that we’ll see just below.

4.- An extensive list of languages will be displayed from which we will have to choose ours. Please note that there are many languages that have variants depending on the location, such as Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States) or Spanish (Mexico).

5.- Ready, we have Siri correctly configured in the selected language.

Of course, this tutorial is aimed at configuring Siri in our native language, but this is by no means all the use we can make of it. For example, for all those who are learning a language , we can try to select that language and test our skills. Probably, if we have just started or our pronunciation is not correct, the Apple assistant will not understand anything we are trying to say.

Do you use Siri regularly? Would you like to have it in another language? Now you know how

As we see in iMore, it should also be noted that certain services and functions of the wizard are only available in certain languages . For example, one of the large databases Siri consults to answer many of our questions is Wolfram Alpha. Unfortunately, this service is not yet available in English, so you’ll notice that the wizard limps along on certain questions that it answers perfectly in English.

Do you use Siri a lot? What’s your usual use?