how to change the color of your cursor

The improvements in mouse support of iPadOS 13.4, along with the arrival of the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, have been very well received by those who use the iPad not only as a consumer tablet but also as a computer. With the new features there is one that has gone quite unnoticed: we can change the color of the cursor in iPadOS to make it more eye-catching . Let’s see how we can do this.

First, connect your iPad Pro to your Magic Keyboard or a mouse so the cursor appears on screen. Then go to Settings and click on the ‘Accessibility’ section and then on ‘Pointer Control’ :

how to change the color of your cursor
how to change the color of your cursor

Within that section, click on ‘Color’ :

There you’ll see how iPadOS gives you six colors to choose from to paint the edge of the circular cursor , in addition to the default option without color. Once you click on one of them, the coloured border will appear:

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Note that you can even change the thickness of the coloured edge, so that you can locate it well when you can’t find it:

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