How to Change the Battery in Apple’s iPhone 5

Replacing the battery on iPhone 5 step-by-step

The iPhone 5 of the apple has been in our lives for a long time and that means that its battery life is no longer the same as when we bought it . This is completely normal after continuous use and a few charge cycles. So if you start to experience shorter-than-normal battery life on your iPhone 5, without the AppleCare plan available, and you’re not ready to buy a new iPhone, you can always try doing a little “DIY.

It may not be one of the easiest tasks around, but is much more affordable than buying a new iPhone . So if you’re a handyman and you’re willing to replace your iPhone’s battery , join us for the next tutorial, where we show you the steps you need to take to do so.

What do we need to replace the battery in iPhone 5?

How to Change the Battery in Apple’s iPhone 5
How to Change the Battery in Apple’s iPhone 5

Since the iPhone 5 is a special smartphone, we will also need some special tools to be able to carry out the process of changing the battery . These tools can be found in online stores, such as Alertaphone:

  • Replacement battery for iPhone 5.
  • Suction cup.
  • 5 point pentalobe screwdriver.
  • Precision Phillips screwdriver

    In this part we can say (although some people think otherwise) that the plastic tabs to remove the battery are useless. The only thing you get is to break or bend the battery.

    If you still wish to remove the battery through the tabs, you can try, but we suggest you follow the instructions below to do so:

    1.- First, we must remove the screws that hold the plate that covers the battery connector . To do this we must use the screwdriver

    Step 5: Test the battery

    To test the battery, the best thing to do is to turn on the iPhone 5 and make sure it turns on . Then we should fully charge it, to make sure it is fully charged and doesn’t wear out faster than usual, which could be a sign of a faulty change.

    Also we should make sure that the temperature of the iPhone 5 is not too high while it is charging , which would be another symptom of a defective battery replacement and something that has not gone as well as it should.

    As the guys at iMore say, if everything has gone according to plan, we should have the iPhone 5 working perfectly and with a new battery .

    Mind you, we can’t end this tutorial without a warning. Changing the battery of an iPhone 5 is not child’s play. There is a very big risk of damaging something inside the iPhone. The connection cables are fragile and without the possibility of breaking any of them, the solution could be very expensive. If you’re not 100% sure you know what you’re doing, it’s better to go to a professional to change the battery . You could save yourself a lot of trouble.

    In case you don’t dare to change the screen yourself, we recommend you to visit our iPhone repair section, it will be great for you!

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