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How to burn an ISO file to a DVD from a Mac

We have an operating system in ISO format and we want to burn it to a DVD to reinstall the OS in our computer and make it as good as new. Let’s assume that the operating system is one of the most popular systems in terms of downloads and installations in the world of personal computers, Windows 10, and let’s also assume that this OS is in our Mac, ready to be recorded in a Pen Drive or DVD .

For convenience, speed, for reusing the same device in these cases or simply because of the lack of other means of connection to the computer, Pen Drives are the most commonly used storage units for these circumstances. But it can happen, that these connection ports are damaged and not recognized .

How to burn an ISO file to a DVD from a Mac
How to burn an ISO file to a DVD from a Mac

At this point we look in one of our CD boxes for a blank DVD in the background or go down to the nearest computer or stationery store to install our operating system there. With the DVD in hand, the next step will be to burn it from the Mac where we have stored our OS. How can we do it, do we need any external program? .

We won’t have to go to Google or the App Store looking for a recording program to do our job as OS X offers us natively some possibilities to make such a recording. These possibilities depend on the version of OS X we have installed on our Mac.

Predecessor to El Capitan

If the operating system of our Mac is still Yosemite, Maverick, Mountain Lion or earlier. The solution to our problem can be found in the Disk Utility . A tool that comes natively to the Apple Computer OS and can be found in the Applications folder . To burn our ISO to DVD using the Disk Utility we need to follow these steps after inserting the DVD into our SuperDrive .

  1. We open the Finder and look for the Applications folder.
  2. Within Applications we go to the Utilities folder.
  3. Inside, we’ll find the Disk Utility application and run it.
  4. We marked the option to Record. A pop-up menu will appear at the top of the screen. Select the desired options and then click on Record.

Once the steps have been completed, the same disc utility will copy our iso file onto the DVD. In the case of our previous example, we would get Windows 10 installed quickly and easily.

El Capitan or posterior

In this case the process is much simpler . We just have to:

  1. Insert the blank DVD into your Mac’s drive.
  2. We’re heading for the ISO file we want to record.
  3. We do Ctrl + Click on the ISO file.
  4. We selected the option to Record

This method, apart from being simpler, is the one we will use in these OSes because, from The Captain, the default burning option of our Disc Utility disappears.

These methods, just as we can use them to create a Windows installation disc, are applicable to any other file that we want to leave in the memory of our CDDVD in question.

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