How to Bold iOS 7 Letter for Easy Reading

With the advent of iOS 7, many changes have taken place at the visual and aesthetic levels. The vast majority of them contribute to making iOS a much cleaner, clearer, simpler and more minimalist system. However, this series of changes is not always equally pleasing and many users have complained about how difficult the new iOS 7 font is sometimes to read.

To make the typography fit perfectly with the new operating system, Jony Ive and his team decided to implement a new font, the Helvetica Neue. This new font is much thinner than the previous one and therefore can be difficult to read in some menus such as Settings or the Notification Center.

How to bold the iOS 7 font on an iPad or iPad Mini

How to Bold iOS 7 Letter for Easy Reading
How to Bold iOS 7 Letter for Easy Reading

As the default font in iOS 7, Helvetica Neue is present in every corner of the operating system, so it can be really annoying if we have trouble reading it. Fortunately, Apple allows us to change some parameters so that we can adapt the system to our taste and needs.

Although we can also increase the font size, we think it is much more practical (and aesthetic), to use the “Bold text” function to highlight all the typography in iOS 7.

  1. The first thing to do is to go to Settings – General – Accessibility.
  2. Here we must look for the box indicating “Bold text” and activate the switch.
  3. We’ll see that he’ll ask us to restart the iPad to apply the change, so we accept and wait the few seconds it will take to turn on again.

Once the system has been restarted, we will be able to appreciate the change in the typography of the system. Without changing the typeface, we will see that the font is now much more readable than before, but without giving up the Helvetica Neue style that already characterizes iOS 7.

In fact, the font size is now similar to what it was in iOS 6 , so if you didn’t have problems in that version, you shouldn’t have problems in this one either. However, if this change is still not enough, you can always increase the font size from the accessibility menu.

Here are some screenshots that show the before and after applying the “Bold text” option.

Home screen

Settings Menu

As the guys at OS X Daily have pointed out, the change is much more noticeable in corners of the system like the Settings menu , where the presence of lyrics is much higher.

Do you have a problem with the font in iOS 7? Did you prefer the one in version 6?

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