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How to Block WhatsApp Group Invitations and What Happens When You Do

WhatsApp is the default messaging app for millions of people. Although apps like Telegram, Viber or iMessage are there and have their audience, Facebook’s is still the predominant one. A few months ago, the app was updated to prevent them from adding you to groups without your permission. Although this feature has been around for a while, it’s worth knowing how to block group invitations from WhatsApp and what happens when you do.

Blocking WhatsApp Group Invitations

By default, anyone with your phone number can invite you to a group. The really annoying thing is that until recently you couldn’t choose whether you wanted to be part of the group or not. You were simply invited and if you didn’t like the group, you had to leave it . But then, everyone in the group knew that you had left. This could lead to problems .

How to Block WhatsApp Group Invitations and What Happens When You Do
How to Block WhatsApp Group Invitations and What Happens When You Do

With this feature, you can avoid the bad drink. Blocking WhatsApp group invitations is quite simple. On your iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Configuration.
  • Select Account and then go to Privacy.
  • Go to Groups and there you will see three options for blocking invitations.

The first option (the default for all WhatsApp users) is that anyone with your phone number could invite you to a group. The second states that only those people on your contact list can do so. And the third one is that you can specify which people in your contacts cannot invite you.

Unfortunately, there is no option to block all groups, wherever they come from. To do this, you should block all your contacts one by one and be on the lookout for adding new ones to this blacklist .

Send an individual invitation to the group as an alternative

One of the advantages of this system is that WhatsApp does not give advance notice to those who cannot send you an invitation to a group. What happens when one of these contacts tries to do so? You have to remember that when you create a group you choose all the members from your contact list .

A person who is not allowed to be added to a group can be selected as a new member as usual . However, when you hit the create group button, the administrator will see the following dialog:

And that’s because group administrators are going to get a notification like this. There they will be able to choose whether to send you an invitation or not. This way you can decide whether you want to participate in it or not . And you do this without having to enter the group and then leave.

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With this feature, you can finally have a great deal of control over which groups on WhatsApp are added to you.

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