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How to be more productive by taking advantage of the possibilities of our Apple devices

When we talk about personal or mobile productivity , we usually refer to a lot of specific applications for it, but the truth is that Apple offers us a series of proposals that we can take advantage of for this purpose.

Mobile productivity is not defined by a specific application, it is provided by our ability to organise ourselves in our daily lives. From there, we have a range of applications that can be adjusted to us and not the other way around.

How to be more productive by taking advantage of the possibilities of our Apple devices
How to be more productive by taking advantage of the possibilities of our Apple devices

In the App Store we have many applications for this, but perhaps following the properties they offer us, when it comes down to it we don’t follow the guidelines. For whatever reason, but usually it’s because we are not able to adapt to them due to the nature of our personal management .

Working by night, working by day

This can be compared to personal productivity , some people tend to perform better at work during the night because they are calmer and in an environment where they can concentrate better. Others (following what we understand as normal) tend to perform best during the early morning hours with a good cup of coffee and with the sun coming in through the window.

Apple offers us a series of native applications that can be adapted to our own personal management system to be more productive on a daily basis. But sometimes they get forgotten and we prefer to invest in applications that promise many features that we may have left over.

One of the ways to manage our day to day is to write down all the tasks that are pending or that we would like to perform, either today, tomorrow, in a few days or at some point in our lives. We have to write down everything, without thinking about the time it will take us to do them. At the end of the day, save some time to organize all these tasks and assign priorities to them.

Apple offers tools for this

Reminders, Calendar or even Notes are tools that can help us manage our day to day and our projects. Thanks to the integration of Siri to facilitate annotations and iCloud to have everything synchronized on any device that is associated.

By combining these three applications we can manage our tasks and projects without any investment. We can adapt them to our taste from scratch, so we are the ones who control the management without having any kind of influence.

Something that we usually recommend is to make an expansive circle, that is to say, to begin with the native applications of Apple , trying to take advantage of them to the maximum, noting the deficiencies that for us could improve the interaction or functions that would be vital to us. From there we should look for a complementary application, if in addition they can be synchronized with the native ones, we will save ourselves enough time is to transfer all the work made previously.

If we do not know how we could manage our day to day to be more productive, we have several methods that could help us. One of them is GTD (Getting Things Done) by David Allen that we can find in his book “Organize Effectively”. This method basically consists of freeing the mind by writing down all our pending tasks in the place that is most comfortable for us.

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Thanks to the proposals offered by Apple when we buy a device of the brand itself, we can start today without having to make any additional investment and with applications that we can adapt perfectly for this purpose.

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