How to Backup iPhone SMS and Export to PDF or Excel

If you are an iOS user you should already be familiar with iTunes, because whether we like it or not, it is indispensable for the synchronization of content with our device. One of its functions is to make backups every time we connect our iPhone or iPad to our computer, unfortunately, the program copies all the data and we are not allowed to break down the data we are interested in. One of those cases is SMS, surely many of us are interested in having a readable copy of them, is it possible?

Yes it is and we’re going to show you how to save our SMS and iMessage messages separately in our computer with the possibility to read them when we want. Shall we start?

How to create a backup of our SMS and extract them in readable format

How to Backup iPhone SMS and Export to PDF or Excel
How to Backup iPhone SMS and Export to PDF or Excel

Step 1: The first thing we need to do is back up our device. Normally, the backup is done automatically when we sync our device, but if we have a different configuration than this, we can click on the “Backup Now” button and the backup will start.

Step 2: Once our backup is complete, we must locate it within our team. Please note that the route will vary depending on the operating system you are using, so here are the different routes for the different OS:

  1. Windows XP: C: Documents and Settings; [username]; Application Data; Apple Computer; MobileSync; Backup
  2. Windows 7 and 8: C: Users ; [username] ; AppData ; Roaming ; Apple Computer ; MobileSync ; Backup
  3. OS X: User; Library; Application Support; MobileSync; Backup

Inside the last folder we will find the database where all the SMS are located, it is a file called “3d0d7e5fb2ce288813306e4d4636395e047a3d28. To keep it under control, better select it and drag it to the desktop. The folders are full of this kind of files, you must be patient and use the search engine inside the folder.

Keep in mind that each folder corresponds to a different backup, if you only have a synchronized device you will not have problems and if in doubt always select the last folder, because it will be the most recent.

Step 3: Naturally, the file has been encrypted so that it cannot be easily read by third parties, so we will have to resort to an external service in order to circumvent this protection. The best is iPhone-sms, which will allow us to upload the file to your website and choose which format we want to export it in (Excel, PDF or Html). The service works very well and is completely reliable, so we should not be afraid to compromise our privacy.

As a good summary on iPhone Italy, now that we have our SMS and iMessage messages in a perfectly readable format, we just need to find a safe place for them.

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