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How to avoid installing or deleting apps in iOS

If you have an iPad that is used at home by more than one person or you simply leave your iPhone to a child, you probably don’t want him to install or uninstall applications on the device . Enabling this extra protection on the iPhone or iPad is quite simple and in a few steps the option to install or uninstall apps on iOS will be disabled. This can be done with a single password.

This keeps a device almost intact , as nobody will be adding unnecessary programs to the device without your permission, nor will they be deleting applications that may contain important files. On the other hand, you can prevent yourself from inadvertently deleting an application, which may seem silly but happens more often than we think.

  1. Go to Settings on the iPad or iPhone
  2. Then go to General Restrictions
  3. Enter the device password
  4. If you have never used restrictions before click on Enable restrictions and create a password for it
How to avoid installing or deleting apps in iOS
How to avoid installing or deleting apps in iOS

iOS restrictions help us limit changes to the iPhone or iPad

Here you have two options that you can activate or deactivate :

  • Install apps: This option is activated by default, if we disable it from this moment we will always be asked for the password created previously to install any application, regardless of whether it is free or not.
  • Delete apps: The default option is also enabled, in this state we can delete applications with two simple clicks, but if we disable it directly, the X disappears from the icons when we want to delete them, likewise, from Settings ?

With these two options we can provide that extra bit of security and above all the peace of mind of leaving the device to other users and know that they won’t fill it with content or remove important applications and data from it. Needless to say, it is important to never forget the password used for the restrictions as there is no possibility of recovering it.

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