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How to add Widgets with Launcher to your iPad or iPhone

Today we bring you a fantastic application to add very useful widgets to your notification center. This app called Launcher allows us to add various shortcuts on our iPhone or iPad.

Let’s download it from the App Store and start explaining what kind of functions this app develops.

Types of widgets you can add

How to add Widgets with Launcher to your iPad or iPhone
How to add Widgets with Launcher to your iPad or iPhone

We’ll be seeing what kind of features allow you to add Launcher to your notification center. In order to see these widgets you need to deploy the notification center first. Click edit, which is at the bottom of the page, and drag Launcher out of “not included”. Leave it where you like it best.

The first thing we’ll do once the application is open is to press the “add new” button. A window will appear allowing you to choose between several options. You can add a contact, an application, a special launcher (these are paid), a song or an artist…

Add a contact: once you click here, you will have several options such as adding a favorite to call him or send an email among others. Choose the one that suits you best. For example, if we choose “call someone”, the application will give us 3 options which are open application, call or call with confirmation. The last two options would be the most interesting in this case , there is little point in creating a shortcut to then open the application from the home screen.

Add App: This option is no doubt useful to add an application to your notification center, to open it from there.

Add music: Add an artist, an album, a playlist, a song, a podcast or an audiobook directly to your notification center.

Add web page: You will have to put the name of the page as well as its URL, to add it to your notification center. Once that task is completed, you will be able to enjoy direct access to that website you visit so often.

Add a custom Launcher: This option is just a kind of extra offered by the application. You can use it to customize your widget, you can even add a photo to the icon.

Add Special Launcher: Those with a lock icon on the right are only available in the paid version. If you want to upgrade to Launcher Pro you can add widgets like battery consumption, a calendar, free space on your iPhone or iPad among many other things.

Why we want widgets on our iPad or iPhone

You will see that the Apple operating system for mobiles and tablets is a very stable system but it could also be considered the most closed system of all. Until recently we could not enjoy the widgets in iOS, they are shortcuts that save a lot of time in the long run.