How to Add the Credit Card on lPhone 6 and 6 Plus

iOS 8 allows you to add credit card information for purchases using your iPhone and iPad camera

There was already the possibility of scanning iTunes gift cards, in iOS 7, by scanning with the camera the string of characters on the back of the card. Now the camera on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, etc. and iPad can also collect credit card data, thanks to iOS 8.

We’ll show you how to enter your credit card information easily and simply with the help of your camera and Apple’s iOS 8. For security reasons, the security code usually associated with the credit card will not be stored and we will have to enter it manually.

How to add a credit card with the camera in iOS 8

How to Add the Credit Card on lPhone 6 and 6 Plus
How to Add the Credit Card on lPhone 6 and 6 Plus

If you are one of those who make many purchases online through credit card payment sure you’ve ever thought about whether there was a faster way to enter the data of the same, well there is and we’ll tell you how to do it.

To add the credit card with the camera we have to go to Settings and then to the Safari browser section. Once here, look for the Passwords and AutoFill section.

In the next section we look at the final section, where it says Credit Cards, which you’ll find activated and Saved Credit Cards , which is where we’ll go.

In the next section, click on Add Credit Card and a menu will appear where we can add the card information manually or by selecting the first option to use the camera, Use the camera .

Now we only have to scan the card by placing it inside the square you see in the next image .

The camera will read the credit card number, display it on the screen and add it to the form. This method can also add the card’s expiration date, but this will most likely have to be entered manually. As for the credit card security code, this will always have to be added manually, as its name suggests, for security reasons.

With the credit card we can make online purchases with iPhone and iPad, faster

By adding the credit card we can easily make online purchases. When you are going to make a purchase with your credit card, you will only have to use the keyboard option to auto-fill the form, without always having to enter the data manually, thus saving time. In the case of having several cards stored, when you select the auto fill option, a menu will appear with all the cards stored in the device, as we have seen in 9to5Mac.

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Once these steps have been completed, we will save time when making the next online purchase. If you are one of those who make many purchases, in several online stores, this will save time, as you will only have to perform this step once. Although in reality some online stores allow you to save your credit card information, such as Amazon and in others you can buy through PayPal, where we also have the credit card information saved and secure.

Tell us what you thought of this method of adding the credit card.

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