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How to add the copyright or Apple symbol on the iPhone


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How to add the copyright or Apple symbol on the iPhone
How to add the copyright or Apple symbol on the iPhone

I find symbols to be somewhat taboo in iOS. At OS X they have always been taken into consideration. In any application you will find, in the Edit menu, the typical Special characters that previously opened a new window with all the symbols organized by categories and now opens a simple menu pop-up over the line of text, much more minimalist and in line with the last OS X.

Well, this has always been a headache in iOS. The copyright symbol, a star, the TM, or the Apple logo, for example, come to mind. Usually you used copy-paste : you sent it to yourself by mail, or you had it saved in Evernote or in the notes for when you needed it. That changes a bit with Symbol.

Symbol is an iPhone application that only comes with the task of showing you a list of unicode characters. You can copy the HTML code or copy the symbol itself directly to the system clipboard to paste it anywhere. It comes ready for iOS 7 with a very minimalist design and allows you to search for symbols.

I also find the function Create equation very interesting, which allows us to create an equation if we are putting together Greek characters for an algebra problem, for example. Some symbols are missing and the possibility to mark them as favourites, but nothing worrying that can’t be fixed with an update. What more can you ask for zero euros? The truth is that a solution like the current browser for OS X in iOS would be something I wouldn’t dislike, like adding an emoji keyboard.

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