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How to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calls on iPhone

It is now possible to make voice calls with WhatsApp on iPhone as long as you have the Jailbreak , as it requires the use of a Cydia tweak to operate. We tell you how to activate voice calls in a few simple steps.

WhatsApp and Voice Calling

The most used instant messaging application, with more than 700 million registered users, is not the one with the most functionalities, but they are slowly coming. At the end of January WhatsApp Web arrived, to use the application from a browser on a computer and little by little the voice calls are arriving, but in a sequential way and only to a few chosen ones.

How to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calls on iPhone
How to Activate WhatsApp Voice Calls on iPhone

While the competition has had voice calls for quite some time now, such as LINE, in the WhatsApp application we have seen how it has been delayed time and time again , this year being the one chosen to launch this new feature and we have already been able to see how the voice calls of WhatsApp work on iPhone.

How to activate WhatsApp voice calls on iPhone with Jailbreak

Let’s explain how to activate WhatsApp voice calls in a few simple steps and provided you have the Jailbreak performed on your iPhone.

1.- You need to download and install the beta version of WhatsApp from here on your iPhone.

2.- Add the following repository to your Cydia list: http : / apt . imokhles .com

3.- Install the tweak WhatsApp Call Enabler and activate it from your Settings once installed.

4.- Log on to WhatsApp and send a message to a friend who has activated calls, so that they can call you and activate calls on your iPhone.

5.- The contact to whom you have sent the message will call you back and you will be able to activate the calls.

As you can see it is very easy to activate voice calls, you just have to be patient so that the user you are sending the message to calls you and thus activates the calls in your WhatsApp.

You may need AppSync to install WhatsApp beta . You can download AppSync from the Cydia repository: http : / cydia .angelxwind . net

Also on video

If you are interested, you also have the whole process of the tutorial that we have explained above in this video that we leave you below.

According to some users it is not necessary to have done the Jailbreak, nor install any tweak on the iPhone, to activate voice calls. Simply by receiving a call from a user who already has the calls enabled and receiving a call from him, the service will be activated in our application. It seems that WhatsApp would be starting to implement the calls in this way, choosing only a few users at the moment.

We have known this tutorial thanks to iDownloadBlog. We haven’t tried this last one we told you about, so if you know any friend who already has the calls activated, you could try it and confirm us if it can be done also without the whole Jailbreak process.

Have you activated voice calls on your WhatsApp yet? Tell us how you did it and if you did it by following this tutorial.

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