How to Activate WhatsApp Calls, Now without Jailbreak

Just a few days ago, iPhone users received the long-awaited WhatsApp update adding support for voice calls (VoIP), a feature that Android users can now enjoy. Today we tell you how you can activate WhatsApp calls in case you don’t have them yet in a very easy and simple way.

We told you some time ago how to activate WhatsApp calls with Jailbreak, but today you don’t need to do that thanks to the latest update to the iPhone application. As you can see the activation process to be able to use voice calls through WhatsApp is very simple and only takes a few seconds.

How to Activate WhatsApp Calls, Now without Jailbreak
How to Activate WhatsApp Calls, Now without Jailbreak

The new WhatsApp for iPhone version 2.12.1 includes support for VoIP calls , but with some limitations, because initially only calls could be received. Here’s what you need to do to be able to make WhatsApp calls on your iPhone, too – let’s get started!

Activate WhatsApp voice calls on your iPhone

WhatsApp’s voice calls allow you to call friends and family for free from the application no matter where they are in the world, as they are made over a WiFi connection. However, WhatsApp developers caution that there may be a mobile data charge if made using 3G or 4G.

As mentioned above, WhatsApp voice calls are not available to all iPhone messaging users right away. As the company said, the launch of this feature will be implemented gradually over the coming weeks .

As with Android smartphones, WhatsApp’s voice call activation process will be phased in gradually. In order for you to start calling from your iPhone via WhatsApp you will need someone who already has that feature activated . That’s it!

Once you finish that call you can use this new feature of WhatsApp on your iPhone. Also, as you can see from the screenshots, a new tab has been added at the bottom called “Recent” where you will find two sections, one where all calls are displayed and another where you will only see missed calls.

Will WhatsApp have free video calling this year?

In addition to voice calls, Mark Zuckerberg recently hinted that WhatsApp might integrate free video calls starting in May of this year . But there’s no need to get your hopes up, as their arrival could be delayed longer than expected, just as with VoIP calls.

As we see whether they become a reality or not, you can enjoy WhatsApp’s voice calls to communicate with your loved ones absolutely free of charge.

And you, have you tried WhatsApp’s voice call on iPhone yet? What do you think?

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