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How to activate the new Facebook design and its dark mode

It is likely that in these days of quarantine and with the time we devote to social networks we have noticed some changes in Facebook. Finally, the company has launched the redesign of its web interface and the availability of the dark mode , announced last year at the annual F8 conference.

In some cases, the interface redesign was automatically changed in some profiles, while another showed a message announcing the new version, giving the possibility to change it with a click. According to the company, this design responds to the possibility of having even faster user experience and comes with additional features such as dark mode.

How to change to the new Facebook web design?

How to activate the new Facebook design and its dark mode
How to activate the new Facebook design and its dark mode

But either to give the opportunity to redesign, still with the possibility to go to the previous version or to prove the benefits for our view of the dark mode, Facebook makes it easy and general you do not need to download anything at all . Just a tap inside the drop-down menu below the profile will give us access to the modifications.

In the menu at the top right we’ll see several options, as also shown in the image below, and we must press the option “Switch to the new version of Facebook” . If we want to go back to the old version we must also press the same button that won’t give the option, although it will eventually stop being available.

Once the change was made, we immediately identified the changes in the new version, in general quite minimalist , with the absence of the blue tone that identifies Facebook. In more detail, we can see rounded edges and larger elements than the previous version.

How do I switch to dark mode on Facebook?

The dark mode can be activated by clicking on the same tab available to activate the new version. The change is instantaneous and allows us to enjoy this possibility created especially to rest our view of the screens and that really makes the difference.