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How to activate the new dark mode of Twitter

It is increasingly common for developers to implement the obscure mode in their applications. This feature changes the tones of the user interface to duller and “gloomy” ones. Besides being better in low light situations or at night , since it does not tire the eyes so much, it has other benefits regarding the efficiency of smartphones.

For some time now, the Twitter app for iOS and Android has offered users a dark mode that “turns off the lights”. However, it wasn’t as dark as it could be, and the blue bird social network has added another one so you can choose the one you like best.

How to activate the new dark mode of TwitterHow to activate the new dark mode of Twitter

In order to enjoy the new dark mode of Twitter we must have your application updated to the latest version available in the app store. Then, we must go to the “Settings and privacy” section, click on “Screen and sound”, activate the “Dark mode” option and then click on “Dark night”. The other option of “Light night” activates a not so gloomy configuration.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, the official Twitter account has published a GIF that shows the activation process , although it has no major complications.

The devices that will benefit most from this new night mode are the iPhone with OLED screen . The technology of this screen turns off the pixels when black is present, thus saving energy.

Now that there is a real dark mode in macOS, it is more than likely that Apple will finally implement it in the next update of its mobile operating system: iOS 13 . The news of this version will be known next June during WWDC 2019.