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How to activate the dark mode in Messenger in iOS

The dark mode is gradually becoming a standard in operating systems and therefore in applications because of the great advantages it can offer us when working with our devices in low light conditions and even to save battery power. Facebook is adding to this Dark Mode by enabling this type of interface in the testing phase. From Reddit they have found a way to enable this Dark Mode in the Facebook application itself which is undoubtedly quite curious.

Obviously until Facebook decides to officially release this function, we cannot activate it from the application settings. However, we can do it through a chat with a friend or with ourselves by sending the moon emoji.

How to activate the dark mode in Messenger in iOS
How to activate the dark mode in Messenger in iOS

As you can read, to activate the dark mode in Messenger you simply have to open your chat or that of a friend and send the crescent icon that you can see in the following screenshots of my mobile. Once you have done this, simply click on the moon and a dialog box will appear at the top of the screen saying “You have found the dark mode” and the option to “Test in the settings”. Clicking on the latter option will open the Messenger settings.

Now yes, in the configuration of our device we have the possibility to activate the dark mode by moving the corresponding option. As you can see, we are talking about a real dark mode, i.e. not a dark blue as we see in other types of applications. This one in OLED screens will help us to reduce the battery consumption by turning off the LEDs corresponding to black.

No doubt this is the first of many applications that will end up being adapted to this mode because if the rumors end up fulfilling iOS 13 will bet for this feature after the good reception it had in Mojave macOS. We believe that this is the Dark Mode that should incorporate all applications because it is not like Twitter that uses a blue color. Having conversations at night with someone close to us with this interface will be much more comfortable and that’s why we hope that more and more applications will add to this much demanded feature.

Let us know in the comment box what you think about this way of activating the Dark Mode in Messenger.