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How to activate ‘Lift to Talk’ with Siri on the Apple Watch

One of the many advantages of owning an Apple Watch is the convenience of performing certain actions such as quickly viewing a notification or making an inquiry to Siri. The latter was made much easier with the ‘Lift to Talk’ function that came with the latest version of watchOS. In this post we show you what this functionality is, what devices it can do and how you can activate it.

With the presentation of watchOS 5 at WWDC 2018 and its subsequent launch in September we learned about the ‘Rise and Seek’ feature. This function consists of talking to Siri without having to press the Digital Crown of the Apple Watch or say the command ‘Hey Siri’ ; simply raising your wrist and talking directly to the watch.

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How to activate ‘Lift to Talk’ with Siri on the Apple Watch
How to activate ‘Lift to Talk’ with Siri on the Apple Watch

This action can be performed on any of the Apple Watch spheres, not just on the sphere dedicated to Siri, a very important point to highlight. The only limitation we found to this function is that e is only available in the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4.

The steps to activate this function are as follows:

  1. Go to General Settings on your Apple Watch.
  2. Look for the option ‘Lift to activate’ and make sure this option is enabled.
  3. You will need to check if you also have the ‘Enable screen when raising wrist’ function enabled so you will need to go back to General Settings to find that option.

Once you have set these functions on your smart watch, you can skip saying ‘Hey Siri’. Simply lift your wrist to activate the Apple Watch and hold it close to your mouth. Without touching any buttons, you can say the command you want and it will recognize you instantly.

It’s important to note that you don’t have to shout at the clock to be detected, but neither are we going to whisper to it as it won’t be perfectly captured. Speak normally because the microphone is quite sensitive, especially on the Apple Watch Series 4, and you’ll be heard perfectly.

That’s how easy it will be to access Siri just by lifting your wrist . This way, without having to click on anything, you can ask questions like “What’s the weather like in my city today” or “What events are on my calendar for tomorrow? Obviously you can still use the ‘Hey Siri’ command, as the two functions are not incompatible, although once you try this way of invoking Siri, you won’t want to use another one.

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Did you have any trouble activating this feature? Tell us in the comments and we will try to help you.