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How to Access iCloud Drive from iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

In July 2012, more than two years ago, iCloud was launched for Apple users. It was presented as a utility that would help us in the arduous task of having our data, contacts, calendars, etc. synchronized. And that’s right, with it we could store our photos so that when we got home we could have our snapshots on our Mac. iCloud currently has over 150 million users. In addition to these new features, we also had the possibility of using what they called Find my iPhone, so we could find our terminal as well as delete and block it, all thanks to the Apple cloud.

iCloud Drive allows us to have our files synchronized on all devices

But all this was not enough for us, other companies also launched to present their online storage service to the world. With competitive services, besides being able to do all the above, we could store in the cloud any file to access it from anywhere in the world and through any device , something that iCloud lacked. I don’t know if it was because they listened to the users or because they didn’t stay behind in this new war that was starting, Cupertino’s opened his platform to the possibility of using it as a virtual hard disk and with the launch of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 saw the light of day iCloud Drive, Apple’s proposal to make our files accessible and safe.

Apple has not yet implemented access to our iCloud Drive files from iPhone and iPad

How to Access iCloud Drive from iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini
How to Access iCloud Drive from iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

With the launch of Yosemite, we can access iCloud Drive through the Finder, where it will appear as if it were another folder on our Mac. The truth is that this added to the fact that Apple has also given support for its cloud in Windows, makes the management of our files on this platform easy and convenient. But what about iPhone and iPad users? Surprisingly enough we don’t have an official iOS application to access and manage our data , although we are sure they are working on it.

Fortunately, everything has a solution and this was not going to be less. We have third party applications of all kinds, and of course to manage our iCloud Drive account from our phone or tablet. Today we bring Cloud Opener Free and although a few days ago we announced that apps like this one were removed from the App Store for failing to comply with certain aspects of the store, the creators promised to work hard to get Apple to accept this app again, and it has been.

With Cloud Opener Free we can not only access our iCloud Drive account, but also, as they remind us in Redmond Pie, we can preview the files we have stored in the cloud, supporting text, audio, image and video formats such as PDF, PNG, JPG, MOV, MP3, Pages, Numers, Office files, etc. And not everything is there, since this application makes it easier for us to share our documents, we only have to select the document in question that we want to share and select the platform with which to do it . All these and more possibilities for free. The app includes ads in its Free version, but will disappear in its paid version although it is, at least for the moment, not available in the Spanish App Store.

Do you think iCloud Drive is up to the challenge of the competition?

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