How to Access from iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Do you have a Yahoo email account and want to know the best way to manage it on your iPhone or iPad? While most people have their e-mal with Hotmail or Gmail, there are other options as well. Today we tell you two of the easiest and simplest ways iOS devices can manage your Yahoo email account .

On another occasion we published the list of the 5 best mail applications that exist today, among which was also Yahoo Mail , one of the main protagonists today. But we should also not forget that the Apple iOS operating system comes standard with an application called Mail that allows you to manage your mail very easily .

How to Access from iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini
How to Access from iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

If you’re not convinced by Mail, the native iOS application, you can try Yahoo Mail, which is available in the App Store for free and offers a lot of interesting features and functions. Here we go!

Manage your Yahoo mail with the iOS Mail app

First we will talk about the Mail application, since it is the default application you will find on the iPhone or iPad. It should be noted that with iOS 8 Apple has included important improvements and new features, including better management of mail through touch gestures, being able to check the mail you are replying, and more . Best of all, you can use multiple accounts on different servers, including Yahoo, Outlook, Google, iCloud, Exchange, and Aol.

With Mail you can easily manage your Yahoo mail inbox and the various folders you have to organize your messages . To add an account just go to Settings – Mail, contacts, calendar. and click on the “Add account” option.

Yahoo Mail app, a great alternative

As we said before, in the App Store you can find Yahoo Mail, which will undoubtedly be the best option to manage your Yahoo mail , since it offers endless possibilities. In addition, the good thing about it is that it is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad and iPad Mini.

This application offers 1TB of free space for you to manage your Yahoo mail . You can receive instant alerts when a new message arrives, perform various actions by swiping your finger over an email (change its folder, mark it as spam, bookmark it or delete it) and customize your inbox with various Flickr themes.

Moreover, it is an application that goes one step further, because not only will it serve to view your Yahoo mail, there are also other sections: one of them is News, with which you can keep up to date with the current stories that interest you the most . On the other hand, there is Today, where you can consult the weather, sports results, the stock market and much more on the Internet. Both are available with iOS 7 or higher.

If you need help, here’s a tutorial to learn how to correctly configure the app on your tablet:

As you can see, managing your Yahoo mail on iPhone and iPad is very easy with both Mail and Yahoo Mail , both very interesting applications.

And you, what application do you use to manage your Yahoo mail on iPhone and iPad?

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