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How the new photo button on the Smart Battery Case works

The new Smart Battery Case of the iPhone 11 left us all a bit surprised as it will not only offer an extra charge for our equipment, but will also allow us to open the camera quickly thanks to an extra dedicated button. We can’t find this button on the iPhone as such and that’s why iFixit has decided to investigate this case by subjecting it to X-rays to find out how it works.

This new button on the Smart Battery Case allows us to open the camera instantly even if the phone is locked. This is tremendously useful to avoid having to waste time looking for the camera button in the interface and will allow us to take pictures of anything quickly.

How the new photo button on the Smart Battery Case worksHow the new photo button on the Smart Battery Case works

At first glance, if we look at the iPhone 11 without its case, we can’t find any button that matches the one on the case, so from iFixit they thought that it worked through a wireless transmission to the phone. But it seems to be a bit more complex since the case includes a small flexible and thin circuit board that connects to this photo button. The board connects the button to the Lightning port on the bottom of the iPhone so that pressing it sends a command to the computer and it opens the camera instantly.

Since iFixit they have been totally surprised by this inclusion since there was no rumor about it and it is also curious to see the amount of hardware that can be included in a simple case.

We believe that in the future this technology can go further, because if right now in the case with integrated battery you could add this button that is non-existent in the iPhone is possible that you can also add many other interesting features . It seems that Apple wants to give more sense to this Smart Battery Case beyond being a simple case with integrated battery.

Without a doubt, the price of the battery is not cheap, although when we talk about a product so delicate that it will be recharging our iPhone all day long in an efficient way we can try to justify it. Right now we can find this case in the Apple Store Online at a price of 149 euros for both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro in different colors.

If you’re curious, you can take a look at the entire X-ray of the Smart Battery Case to see how it works on the official iFixit website. It’s also worth noting that a charging coil can be seen to wirelessly recharge this case.

Are you going to end up buying this case for your new iPhone?