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How the iPhone Can Help You in a Medical Emergency

The iPhone Health application can be a great help when you have a medical emergency . However, to be useful, you must make sure that a doctor or hospital can access the medical data you have stored in the application. Today we’re going to explain how you can do this and have the Health app ready on your iPhone in case you have a medical emergency.

Recently we told you how to correctly configure the Health application on your iPhone, which came with iOS 8 and can be very useful when monitoring health and wellbeing . But it can also be vital in a medical emergency.

How the iPhone Can Help You in a Medical Emergency
How the iPhone Can Help You in a Medical Emergency

Imagine that an accident occurs and you’re unconscious or unable to respond. Having the iPhone Health application configured with your medical data can be very helpful in emergencies like these, but if you have a lock code on it, medical staff will not be able to access it unless you set it up first .

The Health app allows you to store medical data on the iPhone

If you have your iPhone locked with a passcode, the medical person will not be able to access the data needed to help you in your emergency or to inform a family member about the situation. However, you don’t have to worry because there is the possibility to configure it and the appropriate personnel can consult that information on the iPhone.

In recent times we have been able to see how there is a growing trend to know and have a record of monitoring health and fitness . In a move to take advantage of this, Apple introduced its Health app in iOS 8, which is designed to monitor health and fitness and have it all at your fingertips on the iPhone.

Although it must be said that the application does not do much on its own, it gives the user the opportunity to enter data manually from the iPhone, as well as to synchronize data collected by third-party applications. In addition, one of the strengths of Salud is that it allows the user to enter and store medical history and information .

The iPhone can become a key tool, since through this application you can store data on medical conditions, medications taken, allergies, medical history and even a contact person in case of medical emergency. Here’s how you can configure your iPhone to make that information visible to a doctor or hospital if necessary.

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How do I set up the iPhone Health app for emergencies?

The first thing you have to do is open the Health application on the iPhone and click on the Medical Data icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Then click on Edit (top right) and you will see your name and photo appear, we recommend that you add your date of birth if it is not there.

Here you will have to fill in each of the sections that appear : medical conditions, allergies and reactions, medicines you take, your spouse’s name, blood group, if you are an organ donor, weight and height. At the bottom of the screen, you can add an emergency contact, which you can choose from your iPhone contacts.

When you’re done, return to the top of the screen, enable the option to display this medical information when the iPhone is locked and press Done . You’re done!

All that remains is to check that it’s working properly and that this information can be accessed in an emergency when the iPhone is locked with a passcode. Turn on the screen and slide your finger to the right to display the number pad to enter the code, tap the Emergency link in the lower left corner of the screen .

Then just click on “* Medical Data” in the same corner . This way, the iPhone will display the medical information you have previously entered in the Health application.

Obviously, the medical professional treating you should know how to access Medical Data on the iPhone , but as the guys at CNET point out, technology is increasingly present today and they may know how to proceed.

Did you know how to activate Medical Data so that it can be accessed even with the iPhone locked with a passcode?