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How the color of the iPhone has changed these ten years

The smartphones, began to be really “smart” at the time that the iPhone made the scene that month of January 2007, in the hands of Steve Jobs. Its innovative features such as the capacitive touch screen with several pressure points, the ability to access the internet in a comfortable and intuitive way, made this, the perfect device to show the world the possibilities offered by this then new product category.

In this case, and as part of the review of the evolution of the iPhone that we are doing at iPadizate on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the presentation of the world’s first smartphone , we bring you a small article with the changes in the colours that have been dressing our devices over the years. Also take a look at the changes that the iPhone has brought to telephony in general.

From black to grey, the colours Apple loves

How the color of the iPhone has changed these ten yearsHow the color of the iPhone has changed these ten years

In the history of the iPhone, one thing is clear: Apple has always wanted to give its phones the most discreet and elegant colours possible . With the exception of the iPhone 5C, which adorns this same entry, along the line of the iPhone, especially in its early days, we find mainly black, gray and white. The grey of the aluminium has accompanied the iPhone in its beginnings, with the first iPhone EDGE, and its grey rear, with the black antenna.

When you arrive at the iPhone 3G, Apple makes a U-turn, introducing the world to the first iPhone with a black and white plastic back. They leave behind the grey of aluminium, which will not return until the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5, marks a new style in the line , which, although it had changed materials before, had not changed its color palette. The “space” grey arrives next to a model with a bluer colour. And one year later, the gold that we have liked so much over the years would finally arrive.

From iPhone 6 on, a design line that doesn’t seem to age

iPhone 6 marks a new line in design at Apple. Colours are maintained, but the glass disappears , and with it, the contrast of colours that were in the iPhone 5S and 5, and that will be in the SE. The iPhone 6S, however, does bring a completely new color, the much sought after pink gold. And so, we come to the present day.

The iPhone 7, has set a new standard in what can be expected from an aluminum design, with the famous “Shiny Black” , which accompanies a “Black” matte, which now replaces the missing space gray. And it seems that it won’t end there, because there are rumors of red and white versions of the same style as the existing “Glossy Black”. Will these perhaps be the colors of the next iPhone 8?