How should Mail in iOS 11 be improved?

There are only a few days left to see iOS 11, an update that many already want to see. Most people are looking for aesthetic innovations such as the famous dark mode that everyone believes will include this new generation of the operating system for your iPhone or iPad. But we always forget about the native apps that Apple has. These apps like mail, notes, reminders… may suffer some kind of change in iOS 11 , and I bring you in this post my wish list for the Mail app.

Mail, an app that needs an update in iOS 11.

How should Mail in iOS 11 be improved?
How should Mail in iOS 11 be improved?

Although it is true that I use this email manager in my day to day life, I think we need to see some kind of improvement in this application. Why am I saying this? Basically, the competition is ahead in certain aspects that I miss in the native nail application. If it’s true that they aren’t vital for my day-to-day life, but they would help me be more productive.

Option to schedule emails

Sometimes it’s good to have the option to schedule an email to be sent at a specific time. This is something that I miss if we see it in other applications that are present in the App Store such as AirMail.

I hope that in iOS 11 they will “borrow” this functionality, and include it in the native mail app, and we will have that possibility to schedule emails for our colleagues that we need them to see at a certain time when we cannot send them.

Have a margin to be able to delete a sent message

Sometimes we’ve all had this problem that we’ve sent an email to a friend or to our boss in which we’ve been snuck into something we shouldn’t have by mistake at the last moment , when we make the mistake of re-reading the content of the email when it’s already been sent.

If this happens to us, many email managers give us a few minutes to delete the message so that it does not appear to our contact. This would be a feature that even if we don’t use it every day, it would be fine in specific situations.

The Mail application, a great tool to exploit.

Having a smart tray

Every day we ask for a smarter personal assistant to remember our preferences, but why not have a smart email box? Yes, many of you will be thinking about Outlook than having one.

This smart folder is very simple, it will basically display the most important messages separately from the rest. This will allow us to have those emails that require more attention, because it’s an important contact, or basically because it’s someone we’re in an active conversation with.

These features would make us many more productive , and we would surely end up enjoying more the native mail app in iOS, and not having to resort to other email managers that are sometimes paid.

Leave in the comment box the new features you want native apps to have in iOS as mail. If you have very good ideas, don’t doubt that a post will come out with your opinions to see if Apple will listen to us and include them in successive versions.

But, if you are one of those people who don’t like the native mail app, I recommend you to read two articles about alternatives that we found in the App Store, which has a first and a second part.

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