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How often do you renew your Mac? The question of the week

¿Cada cuánto tiempo renuevas tu Mac?

It’s Monday and, as every week, we’re throwing you a question to answer in our Apple Answers section. Many of you are waiting for a renewal for your MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, or MacBook Air. Others simply renew when their Mac “falls apart. This week’s question is about your computer’s refresh rate, so here’s another section of The Question of the Week in Apple Answers .

How often do you renew your Mac? The question of the week
How often do you renew your Mac? The question of the week

Personally I think Macs have a pretty long life and I try to stretch the hardware as much as possible. In fact, there’s a 12-inch PowerBook out there that’s still struggling, and the iMac I’m writing from is the mid-2008 24-inch model, and I plan to put an SSD in it to give it a performance boost. I also sold a 2007 MacBook Pro last year to make the jump to the iPad, and I don’t regret it because I can wait to do the things I can’t do with the iPad until I get home, and for the rest I gain in mobility. And you? How often do you renew your equipment? Do you maintain them until they break and are beyond repair? Do you sell them as soon as the next model comes out so that they are always up to date? Do you give the old computer to a relative? You know you can tell us everything in Apple Answers.

Last week, my colleague P. Roberto asked:

The most valued response has been that of Emapsych Piaf shared by many other users:

The truth is that the MacBook Pro is one of the most popular products among Apple users, but the sales success of the MacBook Air can make the MacBook Pro we all know look new and lose its weight, like the optical disc reader. This would make the notebook thinner and more portable – worth the redundancy.

Remember that to participate in the votes in this section and tell us how often you change your computer you can respond within the Apple Answers section. Thank you all!

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