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How much does Apple hate jailbreak?

Every time Apple releases a new iOS update the jailbreak community starts working on finding holes in security to release a new tool to jailbreak our device. Apple fights against the clock to offer new updates every time this happens, something taken as hate towards jailbreakers. However, Apple benefits from the existence of the jailbreak.

The tug-of-war between Apple and the community jailbreak has been in vogue for six years and doesn’t look like it’s giving in on either side. We are already used to that every time Apple releases a new version of its iOS operating system the community jailbreak gets to work to find the possible bugs and security holes that exist to launch a tool to break the chains of our iOS device. As a result, in a short period of time Apple usually responds with a new software update to fix those security issues and re-cut the wings at the jailbreak .

How much does Apple hate jailbreak?
How much does Apple hate jailbreak?

These iOS updates to fix security issues don’t always take the same amount of time to appear. For example when Apple released iOS 6 it took 43 days to release a new update that would stop the jailbreak of evasi0n while when JailbreakMe 3.0 came out took only 9 days . The time difference is usually explained by the seriousness of the security of one method or another. In the first case it is the user connecting his device to the computer that performs the jailbreak while the second case was done through the browser itself in iOS, putting all iOS 4.3.3 users at risk .

This confrontation between Apple and the jailbreak has two different positions. On the one hand there are the defenders of jailbreak who accuse Apple of constantly fighting and hating this community and on the other hand there is Apple that logically works to make its operating system the most secure for users.

Apple only protects the security of its users

Beyond opening a debate about the virtues and disadvantages of having an iOS device with jailbreak we have to be honest with ourselves and understand that Apple is doing the right thing . The ability to jailbreak our devices is made possible by vulnerabilities and certain security issues that are detected in every new iOS version, if these issues did not exist it would not be possible to do the jailbreak .

Actually is not that Apple seeks to end the jailbreak as the main target but it protects the security of its users by fixing vulnerabilities in its operating system as they pose a security threat to all of us who enjoy Apple devices. A security issue device is an invitation to hackers to take over users’ personal information. Whether Apple or any other company as users we want them to provide us with the best service, if any other company stopped fixing the problems and bugs that appear in their software we would think it was a bad company with a bad service that leaves its users behind.

Freedom or security?

For all these reasons we cannot be hypocritical and blame Apple for wanting to give the best service to its users by offering them the most secure mobile operating system on the market. In fact I don’t think Apple really wants to end the community jailbreak as it makes the company’s job easier by offering the clues to solve their security problems as well as providing good ideas for the future.

At this point we as users have the last word in choosing freedom or security . We can do the jailbreak to our iOS device to enjoy the full potential that an Apple product offers us but we must be consistent and know that such action puts at risk the security and stability of the operating system we are using. At the same time we must understand that Apple has an obligation to ensure the security of its operating system and users as well as to guarantee optimal performance so we cannot blame Apple for doing things correctly.

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