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How many subscriptions do you pay per month, with Billy you can keep track of it

Recently, Billy, a simple but powerful application that allows its users to keep track of their subscriptions and recurring costs , has arrived on the App Store. This means keeping track of rent, other monthly fixed costs such as the phone bill, or subscriptions such as Apple Music, iCloud, Netflix or whatever you subscribe to.

The implementation is most timely and certainly its developer has been fully successful. Nowadays, who does not subscribe to a thousand things they do not even remember? Note that most services are no longer purchased in a single payment, but are usually subscriptions. Therefore, monthly fees are a growing trend, and being able to see at a glance what we are subscribed to helps us to improve our monthly budget.

How many subscriptions do you pay per month, with Billy you can keep track of it
How many subscriptions do you pay per month, with Billy you can keep track of it

With Billy you see and control all your subscriptions at a glance

This is where Billy comes in, the goal of the application is to solve the lousy subscription tracking we have . At a glance we can see what we’re spending the money on and how much we’re spending on average per month.

As soon as we open the application we configure the subscriptions we have. We add the name, price, icon and color . Although it all needs to be said, by default we have a couple of services to add more quickly . It may seem like a disadvantage to have to add all the subscriptions by hand, but this saves you from adding the bank account for example, and ensures that you add the exact price and all the subscriptions.

Once you have all your subscriptions added and set up you can keep better track of how much you are spending per month and what you are spending it on. This is the same as Fintonic for example, yes, but everything is much more simplified and leaves exactly what matters. That’s what makes Billy so useful. And yes, you can also keep track by making an Excel chart if you want, but the visual aesthetics and convenience don’t come close.

Jeffrey de Groot is Billy’s developer, and he explains the origin of his application :

Billy can be downloaded from the App Store for free . It is a freemium application, this means you have purchases within the application. Without the purchase you can add up to four subscriptions, but for 0.99 euros you can add as many subscriptions as you want.

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