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How many photos, music, apps and games will fit on the 128GB iPad?

After Apple brought us the briefly rumored 128GB iPad this week, we wondered how much content would fit on this new Apple tablet. We see how many songs we could fit, the number of photos we could watch, the movies we could store, and even the amount of games we could put on the iPad, not to mention the meager 4GB that iOS occupies.

We started the week with a surprise from Cupertino’s guys, who after some very brief rumors, brought us the 128GB iPad, which will start selling next week. Now, becomes the iDevice with the most capacity available , and can look at all the competition from far away, because until now there was no tablet with 128GB capacity.

How many photos, music, apps and games will fit on the 128GB iPad?
How many photos, music, apps and games will fit on the 128GB iPad?

And now that we have so much space, what can we spend it on? If you’re considering a purchase, here’s a study they’ve done at Cult of Mac, where they make a rough estimate of how many photos, music, apps and games could fit on the 128GB iPad .

In addition to the graph that accompanies the entry, we show you this table (not considering the space occupied by iOS) in which it also compares the capacity with its lesser capacity siblings. Unlike devices such as the Surface, which reserves a large number of GB for storing Windows 8, iOS is content with about 4GB to leave the rest of the space for the user . And that’s how the results would look:

Approximate weight (MB) 16GB iPad 32GB iPad 64GB iPad 128GB iPad Photos2.37. 12314.24728.49456.998Songs7.0322.3394.6609.32018.639Applications237121.4252.8495.699Games602735461.0922.185Video SD1.53611214385Video HD4.096481632

As you can see, 128GB makes it a tablet that’s very tasty for storing our photo library in its fullness, and even for loading it with lots of High Definition movies, since we can store up to 64 hours of video, which is approximately 32 movies. If we were talking about music, we could be playing songs without repeating a single one for 40 days . Monstrous figures for a tablet, no doubt.

How long do you think it will take Apple to bring this capability to iPod touch? It may not be for a long time, to keep iPod classic. However, my personal bet is that 2013 is a year of change for Cupertino, and iPod classic will definitely die to accommodate the new 128GB iPod touch .

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