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How loyal are Apple users to their ecosystem?

Madrid or Barça, PSOE or PP, iOS or Android? There is no doubt that any subject can be observed from different points of view. Consumer electronics in general, and computer or smartphone manufacturers in particular, were not going to be exempt from criticism and praise; well, thanks to an interesting study carried out by the company Forrester Research, today we have been able to see how similar users are to Apple, Microsoft and Google.

Subjectivity and partiality are qualities inherent to human beings since their origins, which we can see reflected in many areas of our daily life: whether in sport, politics or religion, practically nothing is exempt from being observed from different prisms . In the age of technology, it would be unthinkable for consumer electronics to lag behind; because, as the saying goes, the master’s eye makes the horse fat .

How loyal are Apple users to their ecosystem?How loyal are Apple users to their ecosystem?

As far as Apple is concerned, it is obvious that it is one of the companies that generates most conflicting opinions from its supporters and detractors within this category. Nevertheless, after the study carried out by the Forrester Research group, Cupertino can proudly boast of having the most loyal and devoted customer base in the personal computer business.

Last week’s survey showed that while 85 percent of users worldwide have no affinity for a particular brand, the remaining 15 percent confessed loyalty to Apple. With the intention of measuring devotion to an ecosystem, the user population was divided into three large groups:

  • Free radicals: Those who have little or no loyalty. In turn, this group is divided into two subgroups: those with only one type of device and those with multiple devices, from different ecosystems.
  • Loyalty: Users who show moderate or divided loyalty. This group is composed of those who use one or more devices, most of which belong to the same ecosystem.
  • Devotees: Customers who are extremely loyal to a single ecosystem; in other words, those who use multiple devices that come from the same ecosystem.

As we can see reflected in the graph preceding this entry, Apple users represent 58 percent of the world’s loyal and 56 percent of its devotees. A difference that would only be accentuated if we refer only to the United States, where 59 percent are loyal and 71 percent are devotees.

Microsoft, for its part, would come out well in the category of devotees with 44 percent globally and 27 percent in North America. The fact that Windows still holds a dominant position with 85 percent of computer sales has undoubtedly favoured the situation of the Redmond-based multinational.

Ultimately we find Google. Thanks to the huge role played by Android in the global market for smartphones and tablets , it has achieved a 17 percent loyalty worldwide and 10 percent in the United States. Who knows, perhaps the Chromebook’s staging will win the search engine company a good handful of followers in the future.

And you, what kind of user are you?