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How it recovers Google Maps features in iOS 6

The output of iOS 6 has not been without controversy . We users have watched with concern as one of the most mythical features of the Apple mobile operating system disappeared completely from our iPhone or iPad. This is, of course, the Google mapping application, which we have had with us since the first version came out in 2007.

Don’t panic. Google Maps is expected to release its free iOS 6 application shortly , so we’ll be able to download it from the App Store as soon as it’s available. In the meantime, we will propose some alternatives to enjoy in this new version of the operating system all the features offered by the original system.

How it recovers Google Maps features in iOS 6
How it recovers Google Maps features in iOS 6

The first option is to put a shortcut to the Maps website on the desktop . This is done from Safari ( Share> Add to Home Screen> Add ), and will appear with a ready-made icon.

However, the web application does not work as smoothly as the app we all knew . Although it offers guided navigation, traffic information, and favorite places, we lost one of the features we liked best about Google’s mapping system: Street View.

Who hasn’t been bailed out by the Google panoramic system? Apple’s 3D building system is intended to fill this gap, but as yet there is no comparison between the versatility of the two. Meanwhile, we can find two applications in the App Store that will satisfy our curiosity .

They are called iFindView and StreetViewer, and use the Maps API to put the most detailed views of the cities you are interested in on your device’s screen .

Are you now more relaxed about the change in the iOS 6 mapping system?

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