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how is that change in price?

The most recent iPad ad campaign reminded us that, despite the decline of this sector in the market, Apple still has a strong bet on its iPad. It points them out as the replacement for Windows PCs , encouraging you to make the switch to Apple by skipping even macOS and becoming entirely dependent on iOS.

We’ve already thought about this change from many points of view, but what about the economic one? Is it very expensive to go from having a Windows PC to simply having an iPad? Is it cheaper or more expensive than a Mac? There’s a lot more to consider than just changing hardware so it’s worth looking at in depth.

The hard change is not the iPad, but its philosophy

how is that change in price?
how is that change in price?

Let’s think of a general user who wants to make the change. A user who up to now has held on to a PC, desktop or laptop, and who has these basic needs:

  • Surfing the Internet
  • Consult your email
  • Consult the social networks
  • Take photos and manage your 140 GB digital photo library
  • Playing Casual
  • Basic office automation to manage accounting
  • Communicating with family and friends via messaging and video conferencing
  • Watching movies and series, listening to music and watching other videos

The main key is that for all these basic needs, an iPad is more than enough . This choice on is the complicated, “difficult” one for the user anchored in the PC comes in the transition. An example: if that photo library occupies 140 photos, it means that there is no choice but to resort to a 256 GB iPad?

No. What is really difficult here is for the user to get the idea that if he makes the switch to an iPad, he makes the switch to a series of services that go around him . It’s no longer worth spending money on local storage, because that would only delay the problem of that photo storage. What will happen when that photo library reaches 300 GB? Then there will be no iPad to serve, and it is absurd to trust that soon Apple will launch models with 512 GB of storage.

With this in mind, and with a future where the needs of iOS and its applications are greater, let’s think about a 9.7-inch iPad Pro with 128GB of storage . Let’s add the Smart Keyboard for those office needs and that writing documents for more than an hour doesn’t become a hassle. Here is the budget of our change in euros (in Mexican pesos the amounts are equivalent):



iPad Pro, 128 GB, 9.7 inches


Smart Keyboard for iPad 9.7 inches




To this, let’s add 2.99 euros per month to get 200 GB of space on iCloud Drive . This will hold the iCloud library, the iPad backup and all the data the user wants to keep in sync with the Apple cloud. Alternatively, you can choose to store the photos in Google Photos, which gives free and unlimited storage as long as the quality of the images does not exceed 16 megapixels.

¿Debe el iPad imitar al Mac para volver a crecer?

It’s not as cheap as you think, but there are more advantages than you see

When we see those 848 euros it can come to our mind that with that money we can buy a PC. And not only a PC, but a good PC . Depending on your needs, all this change of local storage philosophy to the cloud would not be necessary. But as I said before, in our example the user has decided to simplify everything towards iOS.

Can we say the same for the Macs in terms of budget? No, because with 848 euros we’re buying a state-of-the-art iPad while with that money we don’t have even the most basic MacBook. In fact, to get a next-generation MacBook Pro you’d have to go for between ?1500 and ?2000.

Abandoning the PC in favour of the iPad is more expensive than you think at first

The conclusion that can be drawn is that abandoning the PC in favour of the iPad is more expensive than you think at first . But with the iPad, in addition to simplifying your digital life, you gain mobility. A 9.7-inch tablet with its charger and keyboard sleeve can be transported much more easily than a laptop, you can enjoy mobile internet connections and you avoid infections from malware .

And as for needs, we repeat, they can all be met. The only thing that is necessary is to leave behind the thought of saving everything on hard disks (and stop considering data such as series and movies as “essential” things to save) and resort to cloud services.

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