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How I ended up buying the official Apple case

Anyone who owns Apple products knows that their prices aren’t exactly low, so any protection against falls, bumps or breakage is a bit thin, so it’s no wonder that when it comes to choosing the ideal case for our phone we look for quality.

In this article I’m going to talk about my experience with these accessories so necessary for the external security of our devices, because I’m one of those who firmly believes that carrying a mobile phone without a cover is like carrying it naked. In my case, I’ll show you the cases I’ve used for the terminal I currently own, the iPhone 6 Plus , although it could be extrapolated to the rest of Cupertino’s company models.

My first cover, made of plastic

How I ended up buying the official Apple case
How I ended up buying the official Apple case

The day after I bought my iPhone 6 Plus, I went to a store in my city to find a case to protect my new toy. What I was asking from my case was mainly three things: protection, comfort and that it be economical. Well, the store manager recommended me a plastic cover that protected the corners and the screen very well in case of a fall, and whose price was around 15 euros , but the problem came when the second day I started to notice that it didn’t fit in my pants pocket. The rounded corners of the trousers were quite out of place with the phone and made it somewhat of a mess. I had bought a case that, although it met two of the criteria I had established when I went to buy it, in the comfort section it left quite a lot to be desired.

My first case. Although economical and functional, too uncomfortable and too big.

Leather and silicone, the following two

After coming to the conclusion that I would not last much longer with my plastic case of dimensions, at least for me, quite disproportionate, I decided to order online a leather case in black and another of silicone in red , as both were on sale and the pack came out for only 10 euros . When they arrived at my house, I fell madly in love with the texture they both had in my hand. The feel of the leather was very good and the silicone was not far behind, but something was wrong, and that was that to protect, what is said to protect, protected little … rather adorned the phone. But well, I consoled myself by saying that at least these were in my pocket.

Anyway, and maybe it was influenced by the fact that I am an extremely meticulous person in these matters, they lasted me very few weeks, since I kept thinking that if the iPhone fell on the floor the consequences could be fatal , and then the cases would be useless. Again, I had to change and look for a new one that would be more adapted to my needs.

My second acquisition, this time a double, didn’t fit the protection I was looking for.

The official Apple case comes into my life

After several failed attempts, I decided to stop by the Apple store and take a look at the official covers. Knowing that they were much more expensive than the ones I had already bought, I made a promise to myself that this would be the last purchase I would make in terms of protective accessories, so I had to choose from a wide range of options that were available to me at that time.

Finally, I chose a silicone cover in navy blue , whose price was 47 euros , and I must say that I am quite satisfied with it today, because even if it was not entirely economical, it was the only one that covered my needs for protection and comfort. I’m still using this case, and as time went by I realized that besides being very practical and fulfilling its function perfectly, it was very pleasant to touch.

I liked the official Apple case and found it to be the best in terms of comfort and protection

Yeah, I know, I’m a fan of sleeves, but I want what’s best for my little boy. And you, have you had several cases for your iPhone or have you always used the same one? Which one do you get?