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How does Mailbox handle mail with Gmail?

Mailbox, the mail manager for the iPhone, manages our Gmail inbox a little differently than we’re used to. Despite what it may seem the first time we access Google mail, where we’ll see that our inbox is empty, the management of our mail is done quite simply and safely. In this article we will explain it to you.

Mailbox, that iPhone mail manager that was going to revolutionize our inboxes with its new concept, manages our Gmail mail in a slightly different way than we are used to. Many people have asked me about this, since they saw how, when accessing via web to Google’s mail service, there was no mail in their inbox, why is this?

How does Mailbox handle mail with Gmail?
How does Mailbox handle mail with Gmail?

First of all, I must confess that this was what struck me most when I first tried Mailbox. I am a user who likes the concept that the iPhone app offers, but when I access my mail I like to see everything I have received in my inbox , without having to access other subfolders.

In the case of Mailbox, this is not possible, as your idea of handling read mail, scheduled to be read later or deleted, conflicts with the standard operation of our inbox. The first time we run the application on our smartphone , in Gmail new labels will be created for the mail.

These labels will be “Later”, to read the mail later, “To Buy”, indicating that the mail is about some purchase, “To Read”, of pending mail to read and “To Watch”, with mail that includes some video or some other element that we will visualize later. All these labels will be grouped in a mother label called “Mailbox”. When we add mail to a list in the app, it will be labeled with the name of the list in Gmail.

Similarly, when we check a mail in Mailbox, it’s archived in our Gmail, so it no longer appears in the inbox. And, obviously, when we delete some mail from the application, it’s moved to the trash.

In short, if we send mail from Mailbox to a list, it will be labeled with the name of the list in Gmail and if we check it to see it later, the same thing will happen, it will be labeled “Later” in our Google mail.

This is how Mailbox works, some people will find the app’s mail management great and others will find it too intrusive in their inbox, as was my case. I have to say, after the first shock of not seeing emails in your inbox, the learning curve is not very long and you adapt to this application. Without a doubt, seems to me a great mail manager even though I don’t like the whole thing of archiving my read emails.

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