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How does Apple marketing work?

On numerous occasions we have commented, either by praising or criticizing it, the image that Apple has managed to create of itself. If Cupertino’s have got where they are, it’s not just because of their products, but also because marketing has had a lot to do with the company’s success , do you want to know how? Keep these lines with me and I’ll tell you in detail.

How do you go from kids creating computers in a garage to one of the biggest companies in the world? In part, they owe their success to their products. However, a device as emblematic as the iPhone would not have had the same impact if the great Steve Jobs had not won over the technological audience much earlier.

How does Apple marketing work?How does Apple marketing work?

And no, he didn’t earn it just from good computers, or from innovation. Marketing played a fundamental part in the growth of Cupertino’s firm from the very first minute. Such was the importance of marketing that it has not only made one of the biggest companies, it has created the closest thing to a religion we have seen in this world.

The fact is that behind Apple there is much more than just consumers, more than just repeat users. There is a cult, a religion , what we would call extreme fanboyism . There are fans who would give anything for a branded product, who would justify over and over again the controversial decisions we have seen in their latest products. And behind these fans we find three keys , three secrets that have helped create the image of the great Apple.

The first of these is exclusivity. They have put in our heads one of the best marketing campaigns in the world . The iPhone is exclusive. No Android phone can match it. Thanks to this simple phrase, iPhones literally sell like hot cakes. And if not, ask everyone you know who has one.

The second key that has helped create this legion of fans is the fans themselves, and that is that Apple would not need a single ad for us to buy their products . This follows a simple logic, if I see that many of the people in my circle have an iPhone, how can I not buy it myself?

And, although they don’t even need it, advertising is the third and most important key . Apple here, Apple there, we have Apple even in the soup. Who hasn’t seen one of their ads on TV, on public transport awnings or on the Internet? Surely they are one of the most useful strategies to promote themselves, but they would not be as effective without a mass mailing program. In the case of the Californian firm, it is the emails to customers informing them of new products and other promotions that achieve a large volume of sales, and if we know that there is a newer model than ours, how could we resist it?