How does an iOS update affect the performance of our device?

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José Alberto Lizana

How does an iOS update affect the performance of our device?
How does an iOS update affect the performance of our device?

Posted on November 05, 2016 – 14:18

Today most iOS devices already have the iOS 10 upgrade that Apple released yesterday. And as expected, networks have been filled with numerous performance comparisons between iOS 9 and iOS 10 our device. In this post we will show you how iOS affects the performance of your device.

Many have been the videos on YouTube showing comparisons on various iPhones. One with iOS 10 and another with iOS 9.3.5. We have seen these videos in the iAppleBytes and EverythingApplePro channels. In both videos and in all devices we have been able to draw the same conclusions from this comparison that I will now explain.

A much slower reboot

The most notable negative aspect of this new operating system has been the slowness with which the device is rebooted compared to the previous operating system. There can be up to 5 seconds difference between one operating system and another, something we don’t fully understand and we hope that Apple will not step back and in future upgrades solve this.

Opening of applications quite correct

In the field of applications, to open and close them we see more similarity between both operating systems, with very good fluidity in these two. Although iOS 10 has left us a little cold since we expected more speed when opening and closing applications.

On the subject of Siri, we have seen a little faster that renewed Siri that Cupertino’s people bring us in this new operating system, which we had in iOS 9.

Continuing with the third party applications we cannot talk much, as not all of them have been updated to the new operating system of the company of the apple yet and we understand that they need to be optimized for this operating system. We have seen this in the opening of applications such as Facebook or Twitter that in their last version loaded content much faster and in the new operating system cost a little more. But we repeat, that is normal due to the lack of optimization of these companies.

A small observation in the field of applications is the poor performance of the App Store in this new version of the operating system with respect to its predecessor , something that we do not understand since it is a native application that should not be delayed so much in its opening.

And since in the end you always have to listen to the numbers, we’re going to show you numbers. If we analyze the speed of the CPU, we see that the winner is iOS 9 with 1602 points against 1579 of iOS 10, with a difference of 23 points, that although it is not much, we expected that Apple would continue in its line and surpass in performance and fluidity.

My conclusion has already been said throughout the post, this new operating system promised greater fluidity in our devices but it seems that it has sacrificed this improvement for an aesthetic change and in functionalities. Do you think Apple has succeeded with this formula? Do you notice a difference in the change of operating system? If so, leave your impressions in the comment box.

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