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How do I know when is the best time to buy an Apple product?

Buying an Apple computer can go from an enjoyable experience to a disaster if we make a mistake at the time of purchase. The user who buys a Mac, iPhone, iPad or any other product from Apple suffers if a refurbished computer appears every month or even every day . This usually has the same price and, although minimal, better features.

So I’d like to share four steps you can take if you’re buying an Apple product. These are four simple considerations that I hope will be useful and avoid making a fool of ourselves if after making a large financial outlay a few days later a renewal appears.

Do I need the equipment now or can I wait?

How do I know when is the best time to buy an Apple product?
How do I know when is the best time to buy an Apple product?

That’s the first and most important question. It is not the same situation as that of a professional or a domestic user . Whether it is for work or leisure, it never hurts to ask whether we really need a new computer to replace the old one or simply to get started on the platform.

Nowadays having some computer equipment is frequent so waiting a few days or a couple of months is not so traumatic. Unless it is due to a breakdown and as I said, your daily work depends on it. In that case there is no option but to buy.

If it is not a breakdown we have to take into account what we do with our equipment. If we write texts, consult the Internet, social networks, etc… possibly the life of this equipment is greater than if we process photographs, edit video or generate 3D content. Therefore, if a computer appears with more CPU, RAM, HDD or graphic card does not have to create that feeling of technological anxiety. And if we have doubts about whether to buy now or wait for some improvement we can wait more or less time.

Renewal cycles

In the past, calculating renewal cycles was much simpler. We knew that with January’s MacWorld they were introducing new computers, in September there was the iPod range and in June, during the WWDC, the professional range. Now everything is a little more dispersed and at any time they surprise us with a processor or memory upgrade or redesign.

There is now another key factor in the upgrades, the introduction of new processors by Intel . If Intel meets its launch dates we can know that a renewal is more or less near since Apple usually includes the latest processors in its computers.

An example of this is the situation right now with the Mac Pro range, which is awaiting the launch of new XEON processors as well as the iMacs that are waiting for the Ivy Bridge platform.

In short, if the product you want to buy was launched less than six months ago you can buy with the peace of mind that for at least another six months you will have the latest from Apple . If it’s been almost a year, better to wait if you can.

Rumors, Rumors, and More Rumors

New MacBook Air mockups in sizes 11-17
Mac Buyer’s Guide

The expectation that the company generates causes rumours to continually appear about new technologies, patents, designs, possibilities and improvements . Some of them are more or less founded and others have more than clear evidence to confirm that they will become reality.

Being attentive to them can help us to see if the possible improvement will compensate us for the wait or not. As I said before, if you are buying an iMac right now for example, it might be better to wait since the upgrade will include a processor upgrade with a platform change, from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge.

Macbuyers Guide, the MacRumors buying guide

Finally, if you don’t have time to be on the lookout for rumors, renewal cycles and simply need to know whether or not it’s time to buy a new computer you have Mac Buyer’s Guide. A guide where you can find the latest information about the product since its last renewal : average time between renewals, rumours about possible improvements,…

It is, I think, one of the pages you should always consult before buying. It also has a history of past renovations as sometimes there are certain events that force renovations earlier than expected.

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