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How do I add ringtones in iOS?

We all like to personalize our mobiles, that’s why we change the colour, the screensaver … but what we really like is that when they call us, just by listening to the melody, we know it’s our phone and not the one next to it. That’s why we show you below how to add the ringtones you want to your iOS devices.

There are several methods for adding new ring tones to iOS devices.

How do I add ringtones in iOS?
How do I add ringtones in iOS?

But in summary they are divided into two parts, the paid and the free .

The payment you’ll probably already know, it’s about buying the tunes from your iTunes store (from your iOS device or from your computer).

The procedure is simple. You access the iTunes store from your iPhone, for example, find the song you like best, pay for it, and downloads automatically to your iPhone.

Without further ado, this is the quickest way to add new ringtones directly to your iPhone, but also the most expensive, since each ringtone costs 1.29 euros and only lasts thirty seconds, in my opinion, excessively expensive.

On the subject of the free form , which I think is the most interesting, there are three forms : From the computer iTunes application, from an application on our iOS device or from the internet.

From the iTunes application (from the computer)

  1. First we select the song we would like to have as a ringtone
  2. Right-click on the song and select “Get Info”
  3. Let’s go to the “Options” window
  4. We indicate the start and end time we want in the tone (maximum 30 seconds) and accept.
  5. We click again with the right button on the song, but now we select “Create AAC version”, and we’ll see how a new song is created with the duration we indicated in the previous step.
  6. We drag this new song to our desktop and delete it from iTunes (when doing this step remember to reset the time restriction of the original song).
  7. From the song on the desktop we see that it has a .m4a format, as we manually change it to .m4r and accept the changes.
  8. Drag the song from the desktop in .m4r format to iTunes, and we’ll see how it’s automatically added to the Ringtone list in our iTunes.
  9. Finally we just have to synchronize and that’s it, new tone and 100% free.

From an iOS application

In the App Store there are many applications that can be used to add new ringtones to our iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. There are paid ones and free ones . I have downloaded several free applications to create ringtones and in all of them I have found the same procedure, first you select the song you want, you cut it to a maximum of thirty seconds in length and finally it is saved. After these 3 simple steps you have to synchronize your device with iTunes and extract the saved ringtones from the application, and then include them in your iTunes ringtone list.

It’s a very similar procedure to doing it directly from the computer, but with the difference that you start the process on the iPhone and end it on the computer.

From the web

Also on the internet we can find numerous websites that allow us to do this same process and for free. An example would be Audiko, from which we can upload our own music and then modify it or simply search their website and download for free all the tones we want. Totally recommendable.

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